DMZ begins to supply Russian Railways upgraded electric


Demikhovsky Engineering Works (Moscow region, is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") began producing a new modification of the DC electric ÝÄ4Ì, with design changes that provide a significant increase in travel comfort and safety of passengers.

Customer trains is JSC "Russian Railways". All new designs are being introduced to meet the requirements and wishes of the customer. A significant part of the changes introduced by the results of the survey of representatives of the depot operators and passengers.

The designers have seriously changed the interior electric, air conditioning system introduced in showrooms and lobbies, applied new inter-vehicle crossings, lighting systems, video surveillance and diagnosis.

In the interior of the car is installed air conditioning system with separate control of heating and cooling. It allows you to automatically maintain the desired temperature in the interior of the car. In a separate lobbies used forced ventilation system that lets you quickly replace the stale air. The windows on the new trains have also undergone changes. Now open vents for ventilation under the bo `lshim angle, which helps to increase the flow of fresh air entering the cabin.

Interior trains made in the same style with the latest trends in industrial design and modern materials. Designers managed to increase the durability of interior cabin and simplify care for, enhance its comfort and safety.

In modern cars are set chairlifts blocks. At the top of the ceiling of cars mounted continuous light line, which provides uniform illumination of premises without the effect of "flickering lights." The modules the light line, except for light sources are speakers and fire protection alarm sensors, which significantly simplifies the installation and repair of these elements.

Installed on trains outside reclining sliding doors with automatic control unit provides reliable sealing of the car, eliminate the occurrence of drafts while driving. They are made … of corrosion-resistant steel that allows suschestvestvenno increase their service life. Manage the opening and closing of the door as you can with the remote operator, or using the buttons in the cabin. The design of the doors and the control unit allows you to ensure the safety of passengers, but also sends a signal train driver door closure.

New inter-vehicle crossings provide a smooth and easy transition from one car to another, complete protection from rain, heat and shumozolyatsiyu without installing mezhtamburnyh doors.

The video surveillance system allows you to register in the salons of the events, real-time information is displayed on the remote operator.

Electric train set on electrical equipment with rotating converters own needs increased power (31% more than the mass-produced counterparts.) It provides reliable power to support consumers, including air-conditioning system.

Inter-vehicle coupling BSU-TM, which will now be used in the construction of electric Demikhovsky, free of play provides a rigid linkage cars, which helped to significantly reduce the dynamic loads when moving train and improve smoothness.

Trains equipped with on-board monitoring system technical condition trains‘ COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 ". The monitoring system over a wireless network quickly sends information to the server in the nearest depot personnel responsible for the diagnosis of electric trains.

The first train made up of wagons ÝÄ4Ì in the new version, go for the operation of the Moscow railway.

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