Dneprostal: started hot testing, the construction of gas-cleaning design


Kharkiv Company "Spetsstroymontazh-Ukraine" completes the construction of a gas treatment plant "Dneprostal" in Dnepropetrovsk. The contract specialists complete installation of the Shelter enterprise. The volume of metal to be mounting for the completion of the project is 140 tons, the February 1 reported "SQ" in the company.

Construction cover functions as heat, noise insulation and protection against radiation. Installation is carried out in two shifts. This is done by 40 employees, five pieces of equipment involved "Spetsstroymontazh-Ukraine". Completion of works is planned for mid-February. "The technology of construction of the shelter facility is unique to Ukraine. Its development involved the leading experts of the world, and the control over the execution of the order carried the general contractor — the Italian company" DANIELI ".

According to the agreement with the customer, the construction contract, the amount of running "Spetsstroymontazh-Ukraine" of installation of process equipment is 2 thousand 750 tons Currently, the company completed installation of gas cleaning, heat exchangers, granulation plant dust, cooled and uncooled gas flues, chimneys, fans.

January 17 started hot testing of process equipment-mill "Dneprostal", was also successfully carried out the first melt. Hot and enterprise performance tests to be completed at the end of the first quarter of 2012, "After the commissioning of the plant" Dneprostal "will be the largest in Eastern Europe furnace complex. Planned production volume in 2012 will be about 700 thousand tons of steel billets," — the in the company.


Help "SQ". "Spetsstroymontazh-Ukraine" was founded in 1992 The company provides comprehensive solutions in the construction of industrial, commercial, residential and administrative facilities. During the activity, the company has implemented more than 70 projects. The firm’s clients include "Northern GOK", "Poltava GOK" Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant and other enterprises.

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