Dnipro led South Korean satellite into space

Carrier rocket "Dnepr", created on the basis of an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20 (NATO classification — SS18 "Satan"), was launched on Thursday from the GMD Jasnensky Missile Division Strategic Missile Forces, reports "Interfax-AVN" from the scene.


The launch of the carrier is made with a South Korean satellite at 18:39 MSK.

"The launch of an ICBM is made on the program" Dnepr ", providing utilization by launching rockets with a tail into the open space of the payload. Today will be launched into orbit a South Korean satellite remote sensing KompSat-5" — "Interfax-AVN," a representative of the International Space Company ( ICC) "Kosmotras" The marketing "Dnepr" in the global market.

"This intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20B was manufactured in 1994 and carried on combat duty in Jasnensky missile division. Rockets this modification were on duty twenty-five years and was decommissioned in 2009, the Strategic Missile Forces at the end of useful life" — said the representative of the SRF.

Carrier rocket "Dnepr" was launched by the so-called mortar launch, in which the first load propellant pressure accumulator, whereby the missile flew out of the silo, then joined the first stage main engine.

It is expected that the satellite will be launched into orbit in 914 seconds after the rocket launch, explained in the "Kosmotras." Since the launch of runs in a southerly direction, the areas falling fulfilled the first and second stages are in the territory of Kazakhstan and the Indian Ocean, respectively. The third step after the separation of the satellite will remain in orbit, "- said the representative of the company.

"Control the flight of the rocket and the satellite office will carry out the measuring point at Baikonur and mobile measuring station deployed Dnipro" Southern "in the Sultanate of Oman", — reported in "Kosmotras."

South Korean satellite designed and manufactured public research organization "The Korean Aerospace Research Institute." It is equipped with airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Korean development. Normally such equipment takes pictures of the earth’s surface with a resolution of about one meter. The satellite will operate on a sun-synchronous, near-polar, near-circular orbit at an altitude of about 500 km. Mass spacecraft — 1400 kg.

The satellite launch was originally planned for 2011, but the dates were repeatedly postponed due to the suspension of the program "Dnepr" in 2011 due to unresolved financial aspects of the program.

"Kosmotras" carry out the modernization of the developed SDO "Southern" (Dnepropetrovsk) SS-20 conversion booster "Dnepr". Its run starts from the Baikonur cosmodrome in GMD Jasnensky connection SRF.

Launching base "Clear" — a very compact. "Here, the residential housing to the operations and checkout building only 93 meters, and not an hour away as is in Baikonur", — the "Kosmotras."

Since 1999, made 17 carrier rockets "Dnepr", including five — of GMD Jasnensky connection. These carriers in orbit 62 spacecraft in 14 countries.

Carrier rocket "Dnepr" — a three-stage, liquid. The first and second stages of the "Dnepr" are full steps ICBM RS-20. Starting weight of the "Dnepr" — 210 tons. Its obvious advantage — the independence of the wind speed, which is typical for some other boosters. "This is an ICBM, which, if necessary, should start in any weather. And this feature of the" Dnepr "love of launch services to customers", — the IWC.

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