Doctors Cardiology Penza first conducted a unique operation to remove a tumor


Doctors Cardiology Penza during one of the operations

Doctors Penza Cardiology together with oncologists for the first time conducted a unique operation to remove the tumor, which passed through the body 50-year-old woman and penetrated to the heart, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery Wednesday.

"50-year-old Natalia Aksenov operated two medical teams, removing the tumor from both sides," — said the representative of Cardiology.

Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Penza was built as part of the national project "Health" in 2008. It is a specialized medical facility providing high-tech medical care.

The tumor measuring 40 centimeters in the pelvis began and ended in the heart. This is a very rare type of ectopic leiomyomas. The woman turned to doctors with complaints of arrhythmia, and only high-tech equipment helped make the correct diagnosis. Surgery to remove the tumor lasted for eight hours. At the moment, Natalia Aksenov preparing for discharge.

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