Doctors have recognized the effect of the statue of a pregnant in Novosibirsk

In the center of Novosibirsk installed a statue of a pregnant woman. The authors of the songs, and touching it is to help women suffering from infertility. Gynecologists suggest that psychological support greatly increases the chances of getting pregnant.

On the street Schetinkina initiative group has established a statue depicting a young couple — pregnant woman and a man embracing her. Authors of the idea argue that a woman who rubs the belly of the statue, will be able to conceive a child.   "It can be a very powerful thing if it sanctify involving doctors, women, we helped to give birth, religious denominations — confirmed gynecologist, PhD Irina Aizikovich. — Faith in God, faith in the doctor’s belief in women that it will turn out. This is much stronger than all the other things. " According Aizikovich, statue, of course, no substitute for medical technologies. "The use of IVF has a 50% success rate — the doctor stated. — But our research has shown that IVF plus faith — it is 76%. This is the result of women who have passed a psychological preparation. " To date, 25% of the residents of Novosibirsk reproductive age suffer from infertility. "Here in the room sits four people, one of them has a problem, — said Irina Aizikovich. — And it — tip of the iceberg, it’s what we know. But these problems are virtually always solved. Now a lot of advanced reproductive technologies. This donor cells and donor sperm, and surrogacy. We believe that 100% of women can get pregnant. "

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