Doctors in Russia for the first time implanted heart valve newest domestic

Russian surgeons implanted the world’s first polnopritochny new heart valve, which is designed and manufactured by domestic experts, said on Sunday the head of the scientific advisory department of the Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of Bakuleva, Professor Sergey Nikonov. 

  • Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery.  AN  Bakuleva (Moscow)
  • Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery. AN Bakuleva (Moscow)

He noted that during the operation, a team of surgeons led by director of the center, known worldwide Academician Leo Bokeria.

"This valve was invented, developed and produced in cooperation with the firm of Penza (NPP" MedEng "approx. CBS). Valve is currently the most advanced in the world. Today was the world‘s first surgery to implant the valve. Passed it successfully," — he said .

The professor explained that the patient is 63 years old, she is from the Kaluga region.

"It was a hard woman, she had aortic heart defect, there were many complications associated with aortic defect. But like everything went well," — he explained.

This valve can be implanted adults with aortic heart defects, and the most important thing is that this valve is ideal for implantation for children with complex disabilities.

"Around 125,000 people annually in need of our country in such operations", — added the doctor.




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