Doctors Novosbirska and district Kostroma received new cars

Today, 17 May, the Minister of Health of the Novosibirsk region Olga Kravchenko local doctors handed the keys to the 7 car Chevrolet Niva.
According to the press service of the Governor and the Government of VAT on new cars will be moving primary care physicians, including pediatricians whose patients live mainly in the private sector Novosibirsk.

These are the first cars that precinct medical service has received this year. During the year the district will receive an additional 30 cars.
In addition, the Minister today handed the keys to the cleaning equipment in Novosibirsk Oblast State Tuberculosis Hospital.
As reported by Olga Kravchenko, now in implementing a number of measures to strengthen the material and technical base of the health sector. In 2013, the region also plans to buy 94 cars for ambulance services. In Novosibirsk arrive 33 cars, including 9 ambulances.

Keys from new cars today have 23 precinct. Machines police chief handed AMIA Alexander Stepin.

Cars for Kostroma region allocated by the Ministry of the Interior. This is the first large batch of cars for the last five years. They got the most remote polling districts — Sharyi, Vokhma, Chukhloma and Nei. Previously, police had to walk bypass Jurisdiction — five or six villages, the distance between which sometimes exceed ten kilometers. Thanks to the police cars will be closer to the citizens, and be able to quickly respond to any calls.

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