Doctors, psychologists and clergy joined forces in the fight against abortion

They went to one of the maternity hospitals in Vladivostok. This rally was held to mark the annual Orthodox prayer service in memory of the murdered infants in Bethlehem.

Liana no doubt, right now she understood what it means to happiness. Little Vic is growing before our eyes. Her mother remembers with horror as nearly took the life of a little girl.

Liana Veremeeva, a resident of Vladivostok: "I decided not to have an abortion, gave birth to a girl and nothing to regret."

Such parents today heartily congratulate and physicians, and clergy. Diapers, toys and sweets gets every kid, mom whose experts were able to talk on abortion. Such a measure of support in the third hospital have the time. Gifts to acquire donations of benefactors. Help out mothers and advice.

Elena Voloshin, a psychologist at the Center of psychotherapy and medical and social services: "We competently inform mothers of payments: what is the parent capital that such an allowance, birth certificate, because they know nothing."

Rodd number three — the only one in the Far East, where the right goes to the House and the psychologist prior to the abortion inform patients about the effects of both the physical — is infertility, and psychological. There have been cases where women have agreed to keep the baby for five minutes before surgery.

Svetlana Sagaidachniy, chief medical officer of Vladivostok clinical maternity hospital number 3: "We have always been about a thousand abortions a year. Now is 700. Previously, this figure was approximately in the ratio of one to one. "

In the third visit to the hospital psychologist necessarily the same as taking the gynecologist. Due to psychological support, many choose to give birth, knowing that they can not live with the thought of murdering her baby.

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