[Img =] [/ img] The second round of FC "Rostov" Oleg Dolmatova begins as a leader and main contender for first place in the entire championship. At the Don of the club behind unbeaten run of 21 matches in the first round, and the head coach of the club desire to prove that his coaching capacity, he implemented yet far from complete. [Cut] By tradition, a break in the championship team Dolmatova held in Novogorske where the coach himself, as a player of the Moscow "Dynamo" spent a lot of years. [B] — "growth" — the leader of the championship on all counts, but the stands where the team plays, filled to capacity only once, during the derby with SKA Rostov. Why? [/ B] — I would not say so. Just fans are accustomed to the fact that "growth" is playing in the Premier League and the opponents of the team from the capital grants — "Spartacus," "Locomotive" and CSKA Moscow. Now the house "growth" takes less sonorous command by name, and lure fans to the stadium is quite difficult. [B] — Many people who have seen the "growth" in this season, they say that a spectacular game with the team as long as there are certain problems. [/ B] — I also think that as the game our team still needs a lot of to add. But in this case I can only note that it is important for us now is not so much the quality of the game, how many points that we type in the season. [B] — "growth" — a favorite in the race for access to the Premier League. Can you talk about what the team has no more problems? [/ B] — I would not say that. The problem is at all, and we have as well. We just like the rest of the clubs, we need new recruits, and we are working in the market, looking for players we need. God willing, we find these guys. [B] — "growth" — perhaps the only team leader for the last few years in the first division, in which so many young players. Another paradox? [/ B] — We have carefully gathered his team in the offseason. And all the guys on the invitation which we eventually settled, and spend advances pertaining to. I hope that the progress of the young people who now have gathered in Rostov, will continue in the second round. And together with young people to grow and the whole team. [B] — In a break in the championship team, there were two players, "Ruby" — Gatskan midfielders Alexander and Peter Gitselov. Coupled with the fact that the lease on your team is Vladimir Dyadyun, can we say that with Kazan in Rostov get along well? [/ B] — We have good business relations with "Ruby", and as for the new recruits and the team Gatskana Gitselova, it’s a decent level players, which we saw in training camp in Novogorske. Plus we have a good hitter from Asia. I hope it will help us a very tough match in the second round. [B] — Are you happy with the way the team worked in Moscow? [/ B] — I’m happy with what we have done all that is pre-planned. Training in Novogorske constructed in such a way that for the first match of the second round in Novotroitsk team came in optimal shape. You need a good start in the second round. [B] — In the second round will start a real war. Seven teams on the flight, five claim to upgrade to business class. Can I say that it will be difficult for everyone? Including you [/ b] — Absolutely. And we are no exception in this regard. Now it is very important acquire outside meetings. Any misfire could lead to the fact that you will catch up and overtake competitors. A wait and catch up, as we know, it is doubly difficult.

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