Dolmatov: FINANCIAL AFFAIRS I am not interested

[I] Alexander NETSENKO the weekly "Football» [/ i] One of last year’s trips to the Premier League after the first round was in the hands of the "Saturn" who could just hold her in my arms until the end of the season, which he did. In the same situation was present "Rostov", which did not long harness, and for 21 round did not suffer a single defeat. The reasons for this outcome weekly "Football" said coach Oleg Dolmatov southerners, who while working with CSKA won a 12 wins in a row and with the same "Saturn" — 7, received from the media nickname "The Specialist series." [B] RECORD perceive the humdrum [/ b] — On the records I had never thought of. The main thing — the best result in each game. It just so happened that we managed to create — a very modest Dolmatov. [Cut] — Over time, various series leashes. When journalists started talking about your scores, as comforting himself and the players? — We will deal with the guys that for us there are no records, and we need to think about the game. I do not think that the success discourage players. Just when you approach some unique milestone, I want to block it. But again, we value the three points in each match, so do not get hung up on the series. — By the way, in the management of the club record achievement once noted, "Rostov"? — Everything went uneventfully. Special joy was not. Still, the tournament is very heavy, so you can celebrate only at the end. — The current "Rostov" recalls last year’s "Saturn". The team with the same confidence goes to its purpose, which is no doubt that you will go to the Premier League. Do you still have these doubts? — "Saturn", in my opinion, the first round ended, with the gap to 14 points. We have a total of 7. For this tournament is quite a bit. Now we are going to strengthen in some positions. And ten days in order for people to have time to join the team and to play a little. It takes a minimum of five championship games. Our two friendly matches during the break does not count. So do not jump to conclusions I would like. — I believe will strengthen the structure is not very solid, because the things you are doing well? — Let’s take. Circassian, Akhmetovich come. They were joined by Gatskan and Gitselov, are planning to invite another striker and midfielder. All of them are from abroad. — We are confident that such an impressive company will have time to quickly understand what you want from it? — I know these players, so they can in a short time to understand my requirements. — Despite the fact that your team is leading, its style of play can not be called very exciting. — In principle, I agree. We have a skilled line of defense, and in attack and midfield at the edges and more young guys. They all have good speed, we want to use. As long as it is bearing fruit. — A thought to combine with the result of a cute game that fans are waiting so as not attend? — Ideally, it should be so, but in the first round task was to achieve a result. And the more we tried to build the game on a quick transition from defense to attack. [B] MUCH Keep on Zivanovic [/ b] — Experts say that the play of the team you have not changed radically. So why, in the past year, "Rostov" has taken off, and this year he leads in the number of goals conceded and gives such a great unbeaten run? — After all, we have a much stronger defense than last year. Sufficiently strong goalkeeper position, hence the missed so few goals. And the level of teams in the first division too, is lower than in the Premier League. — Why, in the last year you could not rally the team so that it showed the same football as it is now? — It is appropriate to talk about the psychological factor. When a team plays over and over again, confidence is, unequivocally, no adds. Only at the end of the year when we brought in the young players, "Rostov" began to show good football, even when the lesions. — You have a lot of young players that you are quite serious trust. It looks like this is paradoxical, since the solution of the problem is a serious bet on proven veterans for years. — We almost had to re-complete the command. This was done by suitably qualified managers — Andreev Shikunov. They provided the players with a certain level of skill. They felt that these people are able to solve the problem. Usually, when the training camp tasuesh players can play too often and really did not create. In the first games of the off-season I liked the way the guys are, their character, speed, and I decided to concentrate on it with them. As you can see, we have not lost. — Players were selected and the level of motivation? — Of course. We won many games where the quality of the game to us could make a claim, but there was not a single meeting at which we would be left uncollected. — It’s no secret that Michael aspen in the "Rostov" is perceived almost as a symbol of this team. Can it be said that in the current success of the team his role great? — You were right, but I would not single out only Aspen. To this I would add Gerus, Shtaniuk and Zivanovic, in which we hold a lot. — Could give an example, when some of these players helped you in some way? — Often, the coach can not to shout to the players during the match, and that prompts these players often helps to make a difference on the field. They conductors coaching ideas. I would not like to talk about our inner "kitchen", but experienced players in the upbringing of the younger players also have the right impact. In my circle because they are tougher to talk with someone from the guilty. — You have mentioned Zivanovic, but he had six months to become a major figure in the "Rostov"? — Still, he hung around for a bit in the "Sampdoria", though not played there for six months. Came to us, he had a good wish the first game, but then began to "sit down." We have been in doubt. Still, he legionnaire and in it we have to be sure, but decided to take a chance. So far, I have never regretted what we have done so. Zivanovic very calm on the field, it is very difficult to beat, he’s quick and plays well at the top. Perhaps, in the organization of attacks, it looks worse. But the Serb quickly began to correct its mistakes and is now playing without cards. [Url =] Full text [/ url]

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