Dolmatov: that oppose the army team?

Alexander Lvov, "Sport-Express" in the run-up to CSKA interview with "SE" gave head coach "Rostov". [B] — How do you feel before the sixth round? [/ B] — As before all previous — normal, working. [B] — Did ahead of a meeting with the "Khimki" it was you the same as before the game with the "Dynamo" or CSKA? [/ B] [cut] — Yes, the same. Of course, I am aware that one of the contestants actually stronger than the other. But do not forget that today, "Rostov" all equally strong. What you do not stop talking to football players. Also, I just do not have the right to give them a sense of their level of excitement. In any case the coach must assume a positive energy and confidence in the successful outcome of the meeting, he must be able to transfer players. It is the law of our profession. [B] — can be considered the tenth "Rostov" fair? [/ B] — Points that allow us to take him, the sky is not falling, we gave them none. So, all right. [B] — Something of what was happening in the team recently can be classified as unpredictable? [/ B] — Everything that happens with Hong Yong-Jo. First he missed the gathering due to the fact that the Turks refused him a visa-free entry. As a result, the Korean training was slurred. Hence the series of injuries that have started to pursue him immediately after the start of the championship. Yes, in a meeting with "Amkar" Hon received two yellow cards and missed the next round. In short, nothing but problems. As, however, and another midfielder, Gatskana, who returned from the national team of Moldova with a cold, which was replaced by the flu. And it is almost a month was not destiny. But these are two of our key players. [B] — Why is the meeting with the "Wings of the Soviets" you have made quite a healthy reserve striker Akimov? [/ B] — One of the trump cards Samara team — excellent performance "standards". If their performance is needed to fight the "second floor" with a tall Koller. I thought that there will Akhmetovich more help. And it did. [B] — Why is it so rarely appears in the aspen, longtime leader of the team? [/ B] — Michael has not scored an optimal form. But, I’m sure his experience with us is sure to come in handy. [B] — Zivanovic missed the match with "wings" because of miscalculations in the meeting with the "Dynamo«? [/ B] — and he still did not get the optimal Conditions. Exclusively psychological. Hence the annoying bugs. Although Zivanovic good defender. — Which of the five appearances so far are especially encouraged? — With the "wings". Worked well in the organization of the game, worked well in defense, not allowing the opponent to create anything in attack. But summed up the implementation. Fuck Astafev in the first minute, things would have turned out differently. Although samartsy came to us with the rank of leaders win at home, we were obliged to. [B] — The frustration in starting meetings were? [/ B] — The game with "Dynamo". Started pretty well, but in the end of the first half just floated. And in the second and did were wrong, earning the blue stupidest penalty. And the match with the "locomotive" had to bring to the victory, but for fifteen minutes before the final whistle, missed the ball back. I think all this — a consequence of the fact that most of our players do not have the experience of playing at this level, only acquainted with the requirements of the Premier League. First of all — talking about the Legionnaires. [B] — Variant with one striker for today is optimal for the "Rostov" or you have to resort to it is not a good life? [/ B] — Probably the second. In my possession two forwards — Akhmetovich and Akimov. Hone and Astafev only can support the attack. Of course, this is not enough, and as long as we are forced to use tactics with one striker. This takes into account the possibility of the enemy, his strengths and weaknesses. Spring — is not the time for risky experiments. At the training camp, and we played with a lot of hitters. Do not rule out eventually and get back to this option. [B] — I suspect this is unlikely to happen in the match against CSKA Moscow. That, by the way, would you say about the next opponent? [/ B] — CSKA Moscow — one of the most professional of our clubs, which collected the most interesting players. One middle line that costs — Zhirkov, Krasic, Dzagoev. If the attack is also Vagner Love! And in defense, where there is no place to Alexei Berezutsky no problem. Plus is always ready to clean up mistakes partners Akinfeev. It is already clear: CSKA Moscow — an absolute favorite of this tournament. [B] — And what kind of football to be played with the undisputed favorite to as the "Khimki", do not be down and out? [/ B] — That’s about it right now, and deliberate. I admit, not a lot of options. Especially since there are traumatized, colds. Estimate, choose. The main thing is not to retreat from football, which in Soviet times hallmark Rostovites had character and passion. From this retreat does not.

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