Dolmatov took Kazan

[Img =] [i] "Rubin" — "growth" — 0:2 Goals: Akimov, 32 (0:1), Akimov, 54 (0-2). Removal: Balyaykin, 43 (Rubin). Missed penalty: Akimov, 44 (Rostov). [/ I] Throughout the past season, when the "Ruby" from the first round took the lead and was able to hold him until the end of the championship, all but fans of the Kazan club, tried to explain this development randomly coincidence, luck and many other subjective factors. But here comes another full championship in the Premier League and have passed already 11 rounds, [cut] and the team Kurban Berdyev, as before, in the first place, despite the missed one meeting due to finals of the National Cup. And the most important thing is that the team from the capital of Tatarstan, shows the most balanced and stable game. All attempts to write it off just by chance, luck, favor the judges, even with a strong desire extremely difficult. "Ruby" has already proved that he has laid a solid foundation that will allow more than one year and be leaders in the list of top clubs in Russia. Debutant Premier League "growth", showing good results at the start of the season, could hardly build Napoleon’s plans for the match of the 12th round in Kazan, as the national champion — yarkovyrazhenny home team, very rarely drop points at home. And despite the loss Sharonova, Sibaya and Noboa, the team Kurban Berdyev was quoted as clear favorite reporting meeting. Before proceeding to an analysis of the events of the first half, you need to pay attention to one important factor. In Kazan was a 35-degree heat, which, of course, brought about changes in the game. Team, which is quite reasonable, at first did not dare to ask a high rate, otherwise they risked exhausting all efforts long before the final whistle. That’s a characteristic of the calculation itself and rationalism hosts started slowly roll the ball, trying to stretch the defense through the flanks Rostovites who defended competently, without giving create real threats at the gate Hoteeva. Activity in the "Rubin" stood Ryazantsev and Dominguez, but that kind of composure did not allow citizens a play in his trademark football. Beginning with the minutes of the 30th, "growth", and began to unleash the combined on the opponent side of the field, but the wards Oleg Dolmatova lacked performance skills to bring to mind a promising attack. In particular, Petkovic, getting the ball behind the defense, went one-on-one with Ryzhikov, but hesitated and allowed Ansaldi catch up with itself. But Dmitri Akimov gets in another penalty at the second attempt and closed the transfer Circassian from the flank — 0:1. I discouraged owners have not received anything in the front line. Champions are often lose the ball in simple situations, which led to a sharp counterattack from the visitors. When before the end of the first half remained one minute, Eugene Balyaykin, mastered at right-back, shot down in the penalty opponent and the player received a second yellow card. Ivan Hammer penalty, "Ruby" was in a very difficult situation, but Dmitri struck ugly, allowing Ryzhikov fight off the 11-meter. With the start of the second half Kurban Berdyev immediately thrown in Sergei Rebrov, but the Ukrainian veteran failed to change the picture. The home team is at a loss and could not do anything with the correct game í in defense. A team of Oleg Dolmatova continued to stick to their line and doubled the result. After receiving a brilliant pass from a partner, Dmitri Akimov was face to face with Rizhikov and touch sent the ball into the net — 0:2. It seemed that the "Ruby" has nothing to lose, and the champion of big forces will go forward to try to catch up. However, the hosts showed some weakness and lack of will, resigned to defeat long before the final whistle. Of course, deserves the most flattering words "growth", which pre-match decomposed did not promise anything good. But well-chosen tactics, disciplined play and precise performance of the coaching set-up allowed the Premier League debutants present a sensation, and once again loudly declare that leave the strongest class they are not going.

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