Dolmatov: you want to buy to replace the goalkeeper Mandrykin

Head coach of "growth" Oleg Dolmatov told about transfer plans of the team. "I do not know whether the acquisition. Was expected that Austria will be able to see someone. Came one player from Croatia to train with us, but did not fit the class did not accept. First of all, I would like to buy another one to replace the goalkeeper masterovitogo Mandrykin. Still, with Benjamin, we looked reliably, the guys feel more confident. There are positions that would strengthen, but so far to say on this topic is not worth it. intend to leave with someone? Today we have 20 field players. necessary first purchase, and then you think to leave with someone else ", — quotes the coach," growth "," Sport-Express ". July 4, 2009, Saturday. 2:39 Source: Sport-Express

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