Domestic aircraft engine increases sales volumes

According to the president of the Association "Union of Aviation Engine" (ASSAD) Victor Chujko, domestic aircraft engine companies belonging to the Association, in 2011, increased sales by 16.3% in relation to 2010.  

Sales growth of businesses that make up the "United Engine Building Corporation" (APC), was 10%. Victor Chujko highlighted the increase in sales of the Permian of "Aircraft Engine" by 80% — to 7.9 billion rubles. "The increase in sales was due to increased production of gas turbines for gas transmission and for power," — said V.Chuyko.  

Separately, the head of the Association noted the successful work of Russian aircraft repair plants. According to him, the growth in sales in 2011 amounted to 15.6% at ARZ number 570 to 146% for Aramilsky ARZ. "The success of RHA in 2011, largely due to the activities of the holding company" Aviaremont "- said V.Chuyko.  

In his view, the activities related to the repair and modernization of production at ARZ, which over the last two years, the Ministry of Defense carried out in 2011 gave a very significant effect. With increasing orders from the government agencies, "almost all ARZ successfully completed the planned production targets," — stated Victor Chujko.

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