Domestic cereal production increased by 27.5%

In Ukraine, at the balance sheet date September 2, compared with the previous year the production of grain and leguminous crops grown by 27.5%.

 These data are released on the Service Statistics of Ukraine. According to the report, as of September 2, Ukraine harvested 32 million 897 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops. Most of the grain harvested in the Odessa region 2000000 894 thousand, which is 81.1% more compared to last year. Next is the Kharkiv region — 2000000 670 thousand tons (55.7%) and Dnipropetrovsk — 2 million 224 thousand tons, which increased its production by 147.2%.
The smallest grain collected Transcarpathian region 138 thousand tons, Chernivtsi — 229 thousand tons and Ivano-Frankivsk — 340 thousand tons.

In addition, compared to last year production fell in the Crimea by 32.7%, and the balance sheet date amounted to 607 thousand tons in the Ternopil region at 17.5% (1,000,000 114 USD) and in the Khmelnytsky oblast — 15.8% (275tis 1,000,000 tons). Let us recall, according to the Statistics Service, as of August 1, Ukraine produced 28 million 350 thousand tons of grain.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of the volumes specified the yield of grain and leguminous plants in the country by September 16, in particular, saying that by that date the country harvested 34.1 million tons of grain, rather than 32,900,000 tons, of which the agency reported earlier.…vyih-k-16-sentyabrya.html 

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