Domestic company headed by the world’s top companies involved in software development and engineering

The Russian company Auriga topped the world rankings in the field of software and engineering. Datamonitor indicates that the company ahead such leading manufacturers as IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Siemens, rating of trust companies, favoring the development of complex software outsourcing. Experts suggest that it may raise the overall level of confidence in the Russian manufacturers.

According to a recent survey by The Black Book of Outsourcing research firm Datamonitor (one of the most influential composers of business ratings in the world), the most trusted among firms carrying out orders on outsourcing, uses a Russian firm Auriga. The study shows the overall level of customer satisfaction and service provider includes the processing of 6547 profiles in terms of: financial attractiveness, risk, efficiency solutions, the company’s resources and approach to customers.

General director Andrey Pronin, Auriga believes that his company was able to take the top spot in the rankings thanks to Datamonitor focus on the interests of customers. "However, we find it hard to deal with the traditional geographic areas of IT-outsourcing on other indicators. We can not compete on price. By the level of government support, we also far behind — even India and China. And now we will touch another problem. Amendments to the legislation could lead to an increase in the tax burden on the industry — 5.4% of the turnover of all the companies in software development, "- said Mr. Pronin.

President of the "Russoft" Valentin Makarov believes that the first place in the ranking, gave the Russian company is quite notable success for the industry as a whole. "At first considered the best Russian engineers, and then some of the best steel, is now considered as the best Russian service. This will raise the image of domestic producers on the world level ", — says Mr. Makarov.

Director General Reksoft Alexander Egorov believes that such ratings are rather relative, but the fact that the Russian company has overtaken the world leaders is impressive. "All the companies operating in the international market, try to participate in the drafting of such ratings and occupy high places, as it increases the visibility of their brand in the eyes of the customer. In some cases, it may help to attract customers "- says Mr. Yegorov.

Brief profile
AURIGA (Auriga) — Russian-American Company recognized one of the top five in Central and Eastern Europe. Provides a full range of services in the development of custom software for foreign and Russian clients.
Auriga company founded in 1990. Headquartered in the United States.
5 Centers of software development in Russia: Nizhny Novgorod (opened in January 2006.) In Rostov-on-Don (opened in November 2009.) And 3 branches in Moscow.
The company Auriga more than 200 employees.

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