Domestic company Kraftway launches computers for domestic processors


Today news agency CNews marked by the President of the Russian computer data koorparatsii Kraftway Renata Yusupova, announced that the company Kraftway jointly with JSC "MCST" plans to start production of the new and modern PC to domestic processors Elbrus.

Form Factor planned single touch-screen of about 22 inches. The prototype of this model is mass-produced in factories in the Moscow region and Kaliningrad Kraftway Studio monoblock with a touch screen, it cost about 32t.rub. The cost of a PC with a processor Elbrus will be slightly higher, say manufacturers.

In MCST say that plans to equip its small-sized motherboard "Monokub ‘own design, which was introduced in 2012, with integrated processor" Elbrus 2C + "clocked at 500 MHz. It contains two core architecture "Elbrus", 4 DSP-core design NCP "Elvis" and has a peak performance of 28 gigaflops.

First of all, to be supplied with a one-piece adapted to the architecture of "Elbrus" option Linux — OS Elbrus MCST to tell. Also on the platform of "Elbrus" can start the OS of Windows, will be using hardware and software technology to ensure compatibility with x86 binaries (binary translator) are added to the company.

The party will be a test of a few tens to hundreds of pieces of equipment Kraftway / Elbrus. The project is under the goal and test the market’s reaction to such a PC version of the domestic producers. The main buyers are likely to be major agencies and private businesses, which need reliable and secure information and equipment. Many are interested in this new product. In MCST say that looking at the issue of candy bars on the basis of "Elbrus" as a "technology demonstrator" for the civil sphere. Platform "Elbrus" is universal and can be applied in many different areas: education, telecommunications, industry, health, Alexander Kim. According to him, in these areas may also be important in the power of attorney, security, and long product life cycles.

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