Domestic company SUN has developed UV-LED printers that print on any surface

In Novosibirsk today to develop unique UV-LED printers and ink for them. These printers have already found buyers in a good half a hundred countries, indicating that sufficient seriousness of the project.

Print on a wide range of materials, including those with non-uniform surface technology allows the UV LED curing, as well as specially designed nanoinks able to hold on almost all surfaces. The printer can seal material thickness up to 20 cm and their weight can be up to 100 kg.

Constructive printer, design, electronics, software management, interfaces, software, LED units — all our own design on them we got 16 patents. But as in Russia, the level of development of microelectronics and precision mechanics rather weak, element base for our electronic components, some of the mechanical components of the printer, as well as electric motors and controlled UV LEDs we buy abroad.

Electronics we collect on contract in Novosibirsk, housing and some of the material elements of the system do in Tomsk. Making some sites, we pay for outsourcing. At the same time, many components and parts, as well as LED units we produce on their own. And the final assembly of the assembly is also carried out at our facilities.

Details in the article on the site on track. link

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