Domestic tomography of NPF AZ

Research and production firm "Az" organized in 1988 as an innovative company in the development and production of domestic magnetic resonance imaging. Human resource base of the company amounted to scientific, engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers leading companies and research institutes.

NPF "Az" provides a full range of activities related to the exploitation of high-quality MR imaging, it is — the development, mass production, installation and commissioning of equipment, warranty and subsequent service of magnetic resonance imaging, as well as training of technical and medical staff specially developed programs.

The first domestic MR scanner "Image 1" was set in 1991 in one of the largest medical institutions in Russia — Mental Health Research Center of Medical Sciences, where he successfully operated.
During his time in various medical institutions in Russia and abroad received about 100 MRI scanners.

The company currently produces the following series of magnetic resonance imaging:

— AZ-360 (0.41 T) — an open MRI scanner;

— AZ-360 (0.38 T) — an open MRI scanner;

— AZ-300 (0.31 T) — an open MRI scanner;

— Ellipse (0.2 Tesla) — tomograph tunnel type;

NPF "Az" refers to organizations authorized by the Ministry of Health to conduct the acceptance of technical test of MR imaging in the territory of Russia.

In 1996, on the basis of NPF "Az" new medical diagnostic center, where every day is seeing patients.
In 2008, the diagnostic center is open Bronnitsi, admission to which is using the "Az-300."

March 3, 2010 opened a diagnostic center "in Tuchkovo Tomography." This center is equipped with a magnetic resonance imaging "Ellipse" and "Az-300."

The center researchers NPF "Az" together with medical professionals have been working to improve the operational capabilities of scanners, including the testing of software. Scientific creative team of medical specialists is working on the compilation of medical atlases on MR imaging. Currently released atlases "Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain," "Magnetic resonance diagnosis Knee Injuries", "Magnetic resonance diagnosis of shoulder joint" and "Magnetic resonance imaging in Urology", it is more efficient to use a manufactured NPF "Az "MR scanners.

Medical experts Diagnostic Center in conjunction with leading experts in diagnostic imaging medical institutions of Moscow (Institute of Urology, City Hospital. Botkin and others) conduct diagnostic studies to expand the scope of the studied organs and systems.
Tomography "Az" have minimal maintenance costs, power consumption is not more than 4-5 kW in standard mode, which feasibly clinic at any level. The absence of a complex cooling system reduces the cost of service obsluzhvanie and eliminates the need to regularly refill the coolant and replace the expensive cooling equipment. The unique cable-free technology used in the radio frequency devices and the complex structure of the magnet do superotkrytaya examination comfortable for the patient and the clinic staff.

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