Domodedovo arming itself for growth

Airport "Domodedovo" has spent more than 500 million rubles for the latest Perron technique, designed for the most part, to service wide-bodied aircraft, including — the world’s largest aircraft Airbus A380.

Last Wednesday at the airport "Domodedovo" was showing a new apron technology, which spent a total of more than 500 million rubles. "The total park apron art airport is now almost 3,000 units. This year it was purchased 39 units, most of which are represented in Russia for the first time," — said the head of the press service of the airport Elena Selyanchenkova. This year the park "Domodedovo" joined the newest trucks, buses, Autolifts, self-traps and machines for processing de-icing of aircraft. According to the press service of the airport, the new technique is designed for wide-body aircraft, which include Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. "Domodedovo" is trying to become the first airport in the country, ready to receive these aircraft on a regular basis, as well as speed up the service Perron other wide-body aircraft: Airport sits the largest in all Moscow airports of aircraft such as, for example, Boeing 747.

Guided by the logic that the A380 and the Dreamliner will sooner or later arrive in Russia on a regular basis, the airport began to procure the most appropriate technique for them, which, however, does not lose its flexibility in the servicing of other aircraft. So the new aircraft tugs SCHOPF F5396S designed for aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 600 tons. Airport just bought two of these tractors. Wheel drive vehicle, which itself weighs 45 tons, and further dogruzhena another 45 tons, can move along the platform just two Boeing 747s, and, as noted in the airport, this unique prime mover in Russia yet. Also, especially for the A380 airport catering purchased two lifts which can lift refrigerated containers to a height of 8.4 meters. Due to such a height of lift can service the upper deck of the world’s largest jumbo jet. Other Autolifts airport pick up loads only to a height of 5.6 meters, which, however, is enough for most aircraft. Another problem faced by the airport in preparation to receive the A380 — the lack of suitable machinery for processing protivooledenitelnoy. The top of the tail Airbus is at a height of 24 meters, are available in the park "Domodedovo" machines can not raise their taps to such a height. As a result, in March, was purchased two special automobile Swiss brand Elephant, which can lift crane at a height of 23 meters, which means that the free course jets safely handle the entire fuselage A380. Another feature of these special vehicles that their management is duplicated in the operator’s cab, which is located in the crane cabin can control the movement of vehicles without a driver. This not only saves human resources, but also to pass under-engine aircraft without endangering the driver. In addition, the aircraft has added new roomy boarding bridges, the carriers capable of withstanding the weight of the A380, and spacious buses Neoplan. It is worth noting that all new equipment meets the environmental standards not lower than Euro-4. A new traps do not work on conventional diesel, and electric motors. In addition to the foregoing, the airport completed installation of a two-storey boarding bridge with three sleeves, which is designed specifically for the A380.

Meanwhile, none of the operators of Airbus A380 in Russia on a regular basis has yet to fly. It may seem that the airport has entered into an arms race with the "Vnukovo", taken in March of this year, A380 airline Lufthansa, however, as it became known to the agency "AviaPort", one of the operators of this type of aircraft is going to put the car in the Moscow area, now on this issue negotiations. The largest operators of A380, a route network that is Moscow — Airlines Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa, sitting down in "Domodedovo" and China Southern Airlines, served by a "Sheremetyevo". Chinese company that in "Domodedovo" does not fly, can be dropped, so you can not view and Lufthansa. German flag carrier is illogical to put the A380 in the direction of Moscow due to a short flight. "Remain Singapore Airlines, in a park where ten A380, and Emirates, the most suitable in terms of passenger traffic. Indeed, as reported by" AviaPort "a source in the industry, Emirates, park which already has 21 such aircraft, and by the end of the year supplemented by ten armed forces, is considering to put the A380 in the Moscow area. At the airline this information has not yet officially confirmed, but in no hurry to refute.

The new technique will allow "Domodedovo" kill two birds with one stone: not only get the opportunity to take on a regular basis A380, but also faster service other vessels. It is clear that the airport, which is due to two independent bands have the opportunity to make 45 take-off and landing operations per hour, which is the highest index for the Moscow air hub, more important than the maximum acceleration of ramp service wide-bodied aircraft. And the new technology fully meets the current needs of the airport. Spacious jetways, and buses that can carry up to 136 people at a time, significantly accelerate the service of passengers and aircraft.

However, limitations on bandwidth has not only ground equipment, but also equipment terminals. And, as it became known "AviaPort", "Domodedovo" is the first Russian airports will begin operation of the automated gates (self-boarding gates). Currently completed the installation of two turnstiles near the exit number 43 in the sector of domestic flights, two turnstiles will be installed in the international sector. The airport expects to conduct full-scale testing of the technology to decide whether to retrofit new equipment other gates.

While installed turnstiles will have limited functionality — to read information from the boarding passes and skip passengers, impeding the penetration on passengers without boarding passes. However, further functional equipment can be expanded through the use of biometric devices. This will ensure that the passenger who registered for the flight, the last of their boarding pass special control, and came to the land — one and the same person.

The advantage of the new system, in addition to greater protection is significantly increased throughput. For a wide-bodied Boeing 767 airliner dimension, 787 or Airbus A330 passenger boarding time is reduced from 19 minutes to 9 minutes, and the landing should be only one person instead of two on traditional technology.

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