DON-2N — the eighth wonder of the world

"DON-2N" — the eighth wonder of the world

Monopulse radar centimeter range "DON-2N", part of a missile defense system in Moscow and the Central Industrial District, is designed to detect ballistic missiles and their support, coordinate measurement, analysis of complex goals and guiding missiles, as well as for the automatic detection, determine the parameters of the motion of cosmic objects and transfer trajectory measurements in the center of space control.

1. Rocket at the entrance to the unit.

2. Around the radar for a few kilometers there is a screen shielding.

Structurally, the radar "DON-2N" is a stationary radar system. Externally the structure resembles a truncated regular pyramid, with the size of the lower and upper base 140 m and 100 m, respectively, the total height of 30 m and larger structures underneath. On all four sides of the pyramid building housed phased array antennas for tracking of targets and missiles, and command guidance missiles on board.

3. For the appearance, unique features and a very high cost, the station "DON-2N" is often called the eighth wonder of the world.

4. Unusual, but it was the day of our visit to the radar. In a peaceful setting radar "Don-2N" is working at a low radiated power.

Construction of the station "DON-2N" began in 1978 when it was created has been used for more than 30 thousand tons of metal, 50 tons of concrete, 20 thousand kilometers of cable, hundreds of kilometers of water pipes and more than 10,000 cast iron gate valves for them — for the normal functioning of the Repair require different types of water of different qualities, composition and temperature. In the period from 1980 to 1987 at the site were carried out to the assembly, installation and commissioning of equipment. In 1989, the station was put into service, and in 1996 — put on combat duty.

5. Dimensions of bolts and nuts are given to understand the scale of the entire structure …

6. Colleagues from the channel "Moscow" marching through the underground drill ground.

7. Replacement of components, sub-assemblies, assemblies of equipment in the transmission pavilion. Type antenna inside.

8. The operator mechanism — the military, but the experts in the replacement and adjustment of the equipment — civil.

9. The command post of the radar room for observers and facilitators in training exercises.

In order to maintain constant alert radar specialists regularly perform training drills for the detection, tracking, classification, and defeat ballistic purposes, as well as the characterization of the motion of cosmic objects. Trainings are conducted using specific computer programs that simulate real combat conditions. Programs are divided into different trajectories of ballistic missiles, the number of warheads and decoys, the degree of destruction. Training exercise conducted in real time and real geographic dimension.

10. Duty shift radar. On the day of detected until 1 million different purposes. The screen shown in purple moons in the area of tracking stations.
Management of equipment and plant equipment, as well as continuous monitoring of his condition is a radar command post "DON-2N." The clock in real-time combat crew command post is being processed and analyzed information on space and electronic situation in the zone of responsibility of the station.

11. And this is a duty shift at the command post connection missile defense.

Connect missile defense is part of the Forces Aerospace Defence of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This unique connection for missile defense in Moscow and the Central Industrial Region, as well as to participate in solving the problems of missile warning and space control. Connection is in service with the missile defense system (NMD) — A unique set of complex multi-radio, rocket launch vehicles and electronic equipment with a high degree of automation and exceptional measurement accuracy, together operating in automatic mode, in real time and providing virtually guaranteed defense against intercontinental ballistic launch of the new generation with more warheads, penetration aids complexes, Jammer, heavy and light decoys of various classes.

12. Overall coordination and management of connection provides the commander duty forces command post connection. Special greetings from it for the community, "Army reporter." He told us a very interesting story about the experiment-upmanship between the two and U.S. PROshnikami. A special thanks to him.

The unique capabilities of the radar "Don-2N" have been clearly demonstrated in February 1994 in one of the results of joint experiments with the United States for the detection of small space objects, held under the "ODERACS» («ODERACS 1") in order to test the possibility of tracking the so-called "space junk." In the course of the experiment with the American space shuttle «Discovery» (such as "Space Shuttle"), to perform the mission STS-60, from the cargo bay with a special device in the open space were derived microsatellites special — 6 metal spheres with a diameter of 5, 10 and 15 inches (sphere diameter from 2 2, 4 and 6 inch, respectively). Pyatnadtsatisantimetrovye found all the radar scope, involved in the experiment. Sphere with a diameter of 10 centimeters saw only three radar stations: two Russian and American COBRA DANE radar in Alaska. Radar &quot
;Don-2N" — the only one of all involved in the world of radar at a range of 1500-2000 km and can detect the build path of the small space object-ball diameter of 2 inches (5 cm).

13. Static on the outskirts of parts.

From the community, "Army reporter" and all its members, I express gratitude to the head of information security Forces Aerospace Defense, Colonel Alexey G. Zolotukhin, and many thanks to a group of officers who accompanied us on the subject

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