Don ekopshenitsy for ekozemledeliya

Scientists and breeders of the RAAS, a new variety of winter wheat for environmentally friendly farming. The new line of eco-types other than plain wheat highest innate resistance to diseases and pests, which are characteristic of ordinary cereals. These properties allow you to give up many chemical treatments, keeping it environmentally clean grain and improvingfertility of the land.


DonEko (R) — is a semi-intensive, middle, umerennorosly grade (culm length varies predelah70-120 cm). High resistance to lodging.

The potential productivity of varieties — 9.8 t / ha.

Designed for medium to above average in fertility soil fertility. Realized yield — 9.58 t / ha.

The most productive varieties for sowing forms in the middle of the optimal planting dates. Provided septariose high resistance, mildew and viral diseases. Characterized field resistance to rust. Low susceptibility to dangerous snow mold and root rot. More hardy than other varieties to the defeat of cereal flies and sawfly.

At -18 ° C it maintained living plants 66-76% (59-65% vs. a standard Don 95).

Stands high heat-resistance to drought. Of the grain exceeds 800 g, vitreousness — 79-91%.

Strong wheat. Grain protein content varied over the years in the range 14,1-15,4%, gluten 26,4-30,2%. The volume of bread 1070-1100 cm3.

Included in the State Register for use in the Central Black Earth, North Caucasus and Lower Volga districts.

The main advantage: It has a wide ecological plasticity, consistently generates strong quality grain.

Variety created in GNU Don Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Research Institute

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