Don industry is increasing production

The index of industrial production in the Rostov region on the basis of half-year was 105.7% compared to the previous year.  

Traditionally faster pace develops military-industrial complex. Rapidly developing major enterprises of the region showing the highest results. For example, "ROSTVERTOL" and "Beriev. GM Beriev "signed long-term contracts, which allows to predict a steady increase in production and shipment of up to 2013.

In enterprises related to the activity "Manufacture of transport equipment", the index of industrial production for the first half amounted to 110.5%. By the activity "Basic metals and fabricated metal products," the figure for January-June is 108.7%. In the "Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment ‘industrial production index was 115.5%, and the" Textile and clothing industry "- almost 107%.

There are a number of industries in which there is a decrease in production (such as coal mining, machinery and equipment manufacturing, processing of wood and wood products). The lag is caused by objective reasons: the long production cycle of the products, which will be implemented at the end of the year, technical re-equipment of production, the change of ownership of enterprises. By the end of the year most of the lagging enterprises should increase production and reach the targets.

In general, the index of industrial production in the Don ahead of national average by more than five per cent, which gives reason to anticipate a positive outcome of the development of the industry in 2013. According to the forecast, industrial production for the whole year is expected to grow by 7 per cent.

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