Donetsk blacksmiths forged a three-meter chandelier dancing

Donetsk masters arranged on the ceiling of one of the city’s hotels are a theater.


More than six months blacksmiths worked on a unique design — the dancing chandelier and end up with a huge miracle takipodvesili the ceiling. "This building is probably nowhere else in the world — said avtoridei, chairman of the Guild of Blacksmiths Donbass Victor Burduk. — In Germany and the Czech Republic I saw made popohozhemu principle hours. But we needed a chandelier — it is in this room is needed not only kakoriginalnoe decoration, but also as a source of light. "

However, only one shining miracle chandelier is not limited. She performs "a whole range of services", plays the music moving. In general, from the first seconds fascinates all who at that time was vholle. "Structure height of about three meters, — said Victor Burduk. — In diameter — more than two. Esliee turn, she begins to unfold like a flower — six beams bloom at different storonyi on them go cupids and angels that rotate around its axis. Slightly above otkryvayutsyadvertsy and public figures appear — dancing couples who swirl in place. And at the very top, dancing bride and groom. "

Worked on the design of not only the blacksmiths, but vitrazhisty, and casters. No cost and progression-free technologies — programmers worked and "electronica". "Chandelier hangs very high, so it is convenient to include it with the remote control — say the wizard. — As long as it works for zadannoyprogramme — calibrated every movement of each porcelain figurines."

Already dancing chandelier has found fans. By blacksmiths received an offer to sell beauty zavnushitelnuyu amount to Moscow. However, the master immediately refused — they say, did for himself, and not dlyaprodazhi. Although it is specified — in the case of a "strong attachment" to repeat the job they can. The truth will etodolgo, troublesome and expensive.

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