Donetsk completely got rid of open-hearth furnaces in favor of the electric-

Donetsk Metallurgical Plant (DMZ) derived from the operation of its latest open-hearth furnace, and now in the Ukrainian town of no more open-hearth production. It is reported by "RBK-Ukraine", with reference to the press service of the company.

Instead of open-hearth furnaces in factories set the electric arc furnace. The press service noted that the closure of the last "March," the consumption of electricity will drop to ten times, and the emission of harmful substances — six times. Due to the closure of the open-hearth production Donetsk to get rid of three thousand tons of pollutants per year.

On the DMZ in different years with two shops open-hearth furnaces. First opened in 1892, the second — in 1912. For 100 years, these workshops were smelted more than 70 million tons of steel. Open-hearth production at the beginning of decommissioned in 1991. In 2008-2009 at the DMZ were closed two of these ovens.

Hearth furnaces used for refining of pig iron and steel scrap in the desired composition and quality. The name comes from the name of a French engineer and metallurgist Pierre Martin, who created the first such furnace in 1864.

Open-hearth furnaces are more energy intensive and stronger impact on the environment than the production of steel in oxygen converters and electric arc furnaces. Over the last twenty years in Russia and the Ukraine was closed most of the open-hearth shops, but some plants this kind of production is still used.

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