Dosimeter SOEX gained recognition in Japan


Not so long ago, "SOEX" ("modern ecological systems") has released a new model of dosimeters SOEKS 01M. This model is almost immediately became a great demand among consumers. Moreover, the device is not only interested in Russian buyers. After the tragedy on "Fukushima" in Japan also began to actively acquire reliable and quality dosimeters. And one of the devices to measure background radiation, which became popular among the Japanese, became SOEKS 01M. Originally, this model is supported only two languages: Russian and English. But seeing the relevance of the instrument in the land of the rising sun, the company "SOEKS" released a batch of devices in Japanese. In these devices installed software version 2.0JP. Each dosimeter party has included a statement that is written in three languages: Russian, Japanese and English.

Model 01M dosimeter is designed not only to check the background radiation. It allows you to locate food, household items, furniture, building materials and vehicles that are infected by radiation particles.

But what exactly attracted dosimeter 01M Russian and Japanese customers?

First of all, its simple operation. To use the device, do not need to have special knowledge. How to use it on an intuitive level, it is clear, moreover, the process of using the device in detail painted in the statement.

The second advantage of the device — fast measurement time. The device reports the status of radioactivity after 10 seconds. This is the highest rate of the dosimeter measurements of household goods.

SOEKS 01M model has a bright display, which displays the information is very clear and user friendly. Also, the device provides the ability to display measurement values as graphically and in text form.

The device has a sensor accuracy, which also allows the user to receive information data.

All the above advantages and made dosimeter SOEKS 01M one of best-selling models. And the fact that they are interested buyers in Japan, a country that the whole world is famous for its electronic developments, only confirms the reliability and better. 

About "SOEX"

LLC "SOEKS" is one of the leading Russian companies in the development, manufacture and sale of environmental equipment.

 In 2008, "SOEX" was first introduced in the Russian market innovative device for rapid analysis of nitrate in vegetables and fruits — nitrate-tester. 
In 2009, "SOEX" won the Grand Prix for its innovative contribution to solving the problems of food safety and the creation of a personal electronic nitrate tester Coex at the international competition "Best Product 2009" at the 16th International Exhibition "PRODEXPO-2009".
In 2010 he published an updated model of nitrate-tester with an improved control system.
In 2010 began the development of a compact indicator of radioactivity "SOEX", whose sales started in early 2011.
In June 2011, introduced a new device — ekotester, combining the functions of nitrate-tester and dosimeter.

Production of "SOEX" is sold in more than 80 cities in Russia and in the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Japan, Germany and France.

Today, the company simultaneously developed more than 10 models of new devices.


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