Double RUMAS-10 helicopter will be on display at the exhibition HELIRUSSIA-2012

Double helicopter RUMAS-10 development group of companies "KB Maslova" will be first presented at the exhibition opening on May 17 HeliRussia-2012, said "AviaPort" an informed source close to the developers of the helicopter.

According to him, the helicopter RUMAS-10 is a completely new design and is made according to the traditional single-rotor with tail rotor. The number "10" in the name is an internal designation of the developer during the creation of the new machine.

The exhibition will be on display almost "fighting" the helicopter, which is to conduct a series of flight tests of the preliminary program. It is expected that RUMAS-10 will begin flight testing in the summer of 2012, the source said.

According to him, the exhibition HeliRussia-2012 is planned to hold a presentation of the new machine. In addition to the basic design RUMAS-10, a developer is planning a presentation, and its modification as a fire-fighting helicopter RUMAS-10F.

RUMAS10 — coaxial scheme
RUMAS30 — classical scheme (all, as Shaene)
RUMAS50 — longitudinal scheme (revised RUMAS245)


Reversing screw


/ / Fun project. Futuristic looks. There is a high probability that it is not on mock-ups will stop. We will follow the development of the project.

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