Dr. Roger Leir: I extract from the bodies of patients sensors aliens



Dr. Roger Leir: I extract from the bodies of patients sensors aliens
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The famous American surgeon says he did more than a dozen such operations

Dr. Roger Leir.

Kidnapping in the sky

— Roger, how is it that your medical practice suddenly crossed to the theme of a UFO?

— One day in August 1973, I was piloting a small plane over California. And then the instrument is off, I lost consciousness. In memory of the failure was in a light-filled tunnel. Then just as suddenly I woke up and safely landed the plane.


— What was it?

— Just can not explain all of syncope. A few days later I found on the right-hand odd spot. Strip with three symmetrical points near the middle finger. Attempts to wash it failed. Then I suddenly found that the stains coming from a strange green light! "This is a sensor," — said one of his friends, working on the problem of UFOs.



— What has the aliens?

— I turned to ufologists. They assured that I, obviously, for a time was at the mercy of strangers. About 5 percent of people who have gone through it, found in the body of the country of glowing objects. I was introduced to some of these people. I invited the two of them are free operation. Thus began my touch to the mystery of extraterrestrial implants.

"Seeds" of UFOs

— Tell us about these operations …

— Patricia Demli survived the episode, which she treats as an alien abduction, back in 1969. With Pat Parrinello like that happened 15 years earlier. Both found small foreign body accidentally making an X-ray images. In the summer of 1995, the same day I removed from the toe of Patricia and Pat's hands two small object. To my utter amazement, they were exactly the same, though to a meeting at my clinic, these people have never seen each other!

— What were they like?

— Subjects were metal were like melon seed. Black to color they thus slightly phosphorescent and seemed certain coated membrane. Almost a year later I operated on another pair, survived the encounter with the aliens, and found himself in a strange foreign bodies. Of the left leg and Annie Doris we extracted semi-spherical objects. About the same Thing and cut out of my hand. The amazing thing for a surgeon — did not tear away their tissues, in all cases, I have not found any signs of inflammation.

— How many of these operations you have done, Dr. Leir?

— For more than a dozen. Removed the sensors from the heels and even the jaw. But the point is not the number. Alien implants implanted so that does not bother earthlings, are not life threatening, many of them do not even know about. The main point operations still another: to understand what this device is and what they do with us doing a.

Microchip for Pithecanthropus

— But if in your hands really were devices made by aliens from other worlds, scientists, probably not worth much effort to define their purpose …

— Not so simple. Imagine a microchip fallen into the hands of Pithecanthropus. Here the situation is similar. Before us is a product of technological culture, understand the structure and function of not easy. First of all, they were subjected to spectral analysis, X-ray-rayed, examined with an electron microscope. It turned out that the "melon seeds", extracted from the bodies of Patricia and Pat, are composed of at least 11 metals. Some of them — apparently of extraterrestrial origin, they are similar in composition to meteorites. Spherical implants were non-metallic origin. Were found inside the crystals, needle-like formation. Some of them, apparently, have been linked to nerve endings.

— Explain whether the most important thing: what the aliens "bacon" We sensors?

— The specialists who deal with this problem is isolated until the three types of devices. Tracking devices, which are likely to allow you to see movement "guinea", read their thoughts and observe their condition. Communication devices: some carriers implants claim that receive commands from aliens or even made them in two-way communication. Finally, medical — allow support or even replace certain functions of the body.

— How far along these studies?

— These early. So far only managed to actually prove the existence of implants. Now there is a search for them, and we are waiting for a sensational discovery. Including in themselves. I recommend to everyone who once faced a UFO, again carefully listen to yourself.


Dr. Roger Leir — a surgeon practicing in California since 1964. Gained worldwide fame among fans of ufology thanks to a series of operations in which his patients were people who survived a meeting with UFOs, and found himself in a strange foreign bodies.



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