Drinking water treatment plant started in Kuzbass town Taiga

Quality drinking water for the first time appeared in the homes of Taiga in the Kemerovo region: it launched the reconstructed pumping station and drinking water treatment plant, said the regional administration.

"It used to drinking water in the city took place only original, disinfects processing. Modern sanitary and epidemiological conditions require major reconstruction and replacement of technology equipment", — Said in a statement.

The pumping station of the 1st ascent of the river at the water intake Yaya with the placement of drinking water treatment plant was put into operation on September 5.

 On this day, after a major renovation in the first put in operation strainers, mechanical purification of drinking water and sediment filters — the most important step on the way to solving the urgent problems of the city, the press service of the city. It is significant that it happened in the year of environmental protection and the 70-year anniversary of the Kemerovo region.

"Reconstruction of hydraulic structures on river water intake Yaya in Taiga" — a project developed by OOO "Sibenergoprogress" within regional program of modernization of municipal infrastructure. Under this project, the state enterprise of the Kemerovo region "Housing and communal services" were to do the work: technological equipment (strainers, supply and network pumps, storage tank volume of 1000 m3) installed and wrapped with piping.

Line pumps have been tested and have shown good performance, high efficiency energy saving, as well as one of the advantages is the ease of maintenance. The test is passed feed pumps that water will be supplied to the filters, hydraulic tests conducted water storage tank. With this reconstruction was carried out with a running water system.
According participated in the opening ceremony of the chief objects of the regional Department of Housing Eugene Kurapova, will now have to replace 11 miles of worn-out water from the water intake to the border residential development.

In addition, municipal communal conduct large-scale reconstruction of the reservoir. Already built flood and low-flow spillways, held offtake, strengthened the shore. In place of the existing dam and spillway built crossing the flood spillway. Started by increasing the capacity of the reservoir. His clearing of trees and shrubs identified peatlands sleep.

According to authorities, the amount of the future reservoir will reach nearly 1.5 million cubic meters, which will provide a guaranteed supply of water to residents in any dry season and in the long term.

Sources:News of Kuzbass, RIA Novosti

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