Droughts and floods ruined crops fifth of the South Urals

August 21, 2013. Crop destroyed by 411 thousand hectares.

The July drought in Chelyabinsk region has translated into emergency mode 10 municipalities. There burned 327,000 acres of land — it's 16% of the total cultivated area of the region. The damage amounted to 1.6 billion rubles. It should be noted that 144,000 hectares of affected fields were insured.

Replaced heat downpours flooded 926,000 hectares of crops in 7 districts, of which 84,000 were killed. Rotted 13,000 tons of harvested forage.

"For disaster relief in areas affected by flooding, the veterinary service is working on disposal of dead animals, identifies areas for disposal. With mobile disinfection plants disinfection private farms and places of animals, "- said the Minister of Agriculture of the Southern Urals Sergei Sushkov at a meeting with the heads of municipalities.

As reported by "Uralinformbjuro" the press service of the regional government, now in full swing of harvesting forage. Stocked 70% of the required amount of hay and 43% silage. In the northern and central parts of the weather allows you to work at an accelerated pace. In the south of the region's plan for fodder is scheduled to perform due to the transfer of crops affected by silage. Will also help to improve the situation poshedshie growth in annual grasses and silage crops (sunflower, corn).

Almost all the equipment is ready to harvest grain. For threshing 13 districts have already begun. Because of continuing rain will of harvesting grain, which will increase fuel consumption. Checked condition of drying equipment (farms have 88 units total daily capacity of 24 thousand tons).

It should be noted that in the first half of households were transferred 436 million rubles per hectare subsidies (assessed according to the cultivated area). At the end of the week will begin payment of the second tranche — 87 million rubles from the regional budget and 200 — from the federal.

Source: UralInformBureau

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