Dry cargo ship from China came in first voyage along the Northern Sea Route

Chinese cargo ship came to the country’s first commercial flight in the Northeast Sea Route, writes FT. The vessel Yong Sheng, the state-owned Chinese company Cosco, came out of the north-eastern port of Dalian in Rotterdam.

The route passes through the Bering Strait, can save up to 15 days in the way, compared with the traditional running through the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea. This is possible due to climatic conditions.

North-East route (or the Northern Sea Route) recently attracted more and more attention to the shipping industry, because of climate change open water passage for a longer period than it was before.

The Russian authorities this year issued 372 permits passage of foreign ships through it, while the results of the past year has been issued 46 transit documents, and in 2010. — Only 4 licenses.

It is reported that Arctic navigation is evolving faster than any other sector of the economy in the region, including mineral exploration companies such as Dutch Shell and Cairn Energy.

Meanwhile, analysts are skeptical about the commercial viability of the Northern Sea Route, due to its seasonality. As an example, the main competitor — the Suez Canal, through which only in 2012. was 17 thousand ships.

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