Dry: The second fighter of the 5th generation will begin flights to the end of the year

The second flying prototype promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) will start flying until the end of 2010, told reporters on Monday the head of the corporation "Sukhoi" Mikhail Pogosyan.
According to him, the first flying prototype has already made 40 flights. He added that the company satisfied with the tests.
"The test program is moving faster than we expected," — said Pogosyan.
He added that talks with Indian partners for entering into this project, too, must complete before the end of this year.
Russia and India have agreed to jointly develop and build the fifth generation aircraft that first flew in January of this year. It is assumed that there will be created two versions of this war machine — single and double. The framework contract to build fifth-generation fighter has been signed earlier. Costs will allocate roughly equal. Russia and India are planning to create a fifth-generation fighter by 2015-2016 (T-50 Russian version of the aircraft). It is assumed that a new generation of fighter aircraft to be supplied to the Russian troops since 2015 (single version), and in 2020 will appear in the Indian Air Force.
T-50 — a fighter of the fifth generation heavy class with a takeoff weight of over 30 tons, medium-scale (roughly corresponding to the Su-27), which is a monoplane with widely spaced engines and two keels, strongly deflected outward from the longitudinal axis. The appearance of the airframe is designed with stealth technology geometric "stealth".
Fifth generation fighter aircraft equipped with a fundamentally new avionics, the integrating function of "electronic pilot" and promising radar with a phased antenna array. This greatly reduces the load on the pilot and allows you to concentrate on the implementation of tactical tasks.
T-50 can take off and land from the land of the runway length of 300-400 meters. The aircraft will reach speeds of up to 2,1 thousand kilometers per hour and to fly a distance of 5.5 thousand kilometers. The Fighter is also equipped with a set air refueling.
The aircraft has a large internal weapons bay. It can accommodate up to eight missiles R-77 air combat or two large smart bombs weighing 1,500 kilograms. The fighter can carry an external load two extra high-range missile development bureau "Innovator". These T-50 missiles capable of destroying aircraft, such as AWACS type, at a distance of 400 kilometers.

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