DTEK decided to switch to synthesis gas

DTEK and Linc Energy agreed to cooperate in the field of application in Ukraine method of underground coal gasification (CCP) for the production of synthesis gas, replacing expensive imported natural gas

Milestones and prospects of development of technologies discussed yesterday in Donetsk Maxim Timchenko, DTEK’s CEO, and Adam Bond, president of Clean Energy — the structural units of Linc Energy for PSU. As the press-service of DTEK, in November, the parties signed a memorandum of understanding and agreement on the development of a pre-feasibility study for the project.

"Cooperation with Linc Energy — a new look on the efficient and safe use of proven reserves of Ukrainian coal. Environmentally friendly way to produce synthesis gas allows you to use coal deposits, no prospects for the development of traditional mining method," — said Timchenko. According to him, the CCP also gives new life to the gas power projects. "The first synthesis gas we expect to receive in 2014" — said the head of DTEK.

Preliminary results and calculations showed the promise of this trend, the report said. According to expert estimates, the cost of synthesis gas shale below and close to the natural gas produced in Ukraine. It can be used not only in energy but also for the production of motor fuel oil, fertilizer components for the pharmaceutical industry. For the implementation of the project in PSU DTEK will be responsible profiled subsidiary — DTEK Oil & Gas LLC.

The technology of underground coal gasification (Underground Coal Gasification — UCG) — physico-chemical process of converting coal into combustible gases by means of free or combined oxygen directly into the bowels of the earth. Thus coal formation under turns into a combustible gas (underground gasification product gas, synthetic gas) with sufficient calorific energy and for industrial use, and close as possible to the natural gas (in the lower half calorie).

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