During 5 months of 2013 exports of vegetables increased by 53% to 134 thousand tons, — Ministry of Agrarian Policy

During 5 months of 2013 exports of domestic vegetables increased by 53%. Only this time, Ukraine exported 134 thousand tons of vegetables.  In addition to high yields, such active increase exports of vegetables promotes the construction of greenhouses and vegetable stores today, the director of the Department of Economic Development Ministry of Agrarian Policy of the agrarian market Vitaly Sabluk.

"Record harvests of vegetables can not only meet domestic demand but also export some vegetables. And Ukraine has already started to actively increase the supply of vegetables to foreign markets. Thus, the export of vegetable production in the last two years has increased by a third. And for 5 months of the year — by 53%, "- said Sabluk.

In general, he said, for 5 months, Ukraine has exported nearly 134 tons of vegetable production. And good predictions for future harvests will keep a high growth rate.

"In addition to increasing domestic production, it is important to create the conditions for the storage of the product. For example, in 2011-2012. with the assistance of the state was built 104 vegetable store. Their storage capacity amounted to about 500 thousand tons. And in the next two years in Ukraine will have storage capacity of 16 140 tons, "- said Sabluk.

He also added that the export capacity also contributes to the construction of greenhouses. In particular, in 2012, put into operation about 50 acres of new high-tech greenhouses. And before the end of 2013 plans to use greenhouses over an area of 500 thousand square meters. m

"Thanks to the further development of the infrastructure of the agrarian market, Ukraine will increase exports of vegetables. In this case, consumers will be able to buy fresh vegetables at affordable prices throughout the year ", — concluded Vitaly Sabluk.

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