During his academic Rostov could pay

[I] "Sport-Express" [/ i] his determination to extend unbeaten record, and not let themselves to their closest pursuers Rostov identified not only by the presence in the aggressive duo of forwards Dyadyun — leather, but the gait of a true leader. They are from the first minute to claim the lead in the match. After two assaults dashing hosts ended inaccurate strikes, Rostov took the ball under control and the first strike on goal opened the account. Header Dyadyuna was generally only one of the guests in the first half hour. [Cut] The second is also almost brought them success. Akhmetovich from the penalty hit the post. The third — from left alone Kozhanova Chernitsyn goalkeeper parried for a corner — that is, each goal situation guests brought to completion. "Knights" generally fought with dignity, trying to keep the opponents’ goal under the gun, but had a chance to hit them only once. Arkhipov after a corner head at close range almost broke his recent team-mate on the "Ray-Energy" Gerus, but the goalkeeper in the cast firmly fixed ball in his hands. The only path to another penalty owners groped on its left flank, where Grigoryan replayed several skimp on the defensive functions Akhmetovich. Add to Rostovites in speed, possibly with higher skills of their players and they "broke" would be contenders. But whether the leader believed that succeed, not very slowly, whether the owners so successfully played the role of "cops", making guests comfortable observe for themselves the speed limit, but to really run up "growth" could not manage. "Hero" was playing to the best of its ability, but focus mainly on fighting and individual quality of the players — something new for the team of Oleg Dolmatova. During his academic Rostov at the end of the match and could pay, but Arkhipov once the situation with an angular head struck the post. "Growth" strengthened the leading position and continued his outstanding series.

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