During the first 8 months. 2013 production of fish products increased

by 4.7%

In January-August 2013 compared to January-August 2012 the production of fish, including fish conservation, increased by 4.7% to 2.5 million tons, and in value terms increased by 4.6%. The rate of growth of production of staple foods is 5th. It is reported with reference to www.Fishnet.ru FAF.
In the dynamics of production continued to increase in real terms of fish species such as fish and marinated in spicy brine (0.8%), fish (except herring), frozen (1.3%), frozen crustaceans (5.1%), Canned fish, natural (by 5.3%), smoked fish (19.9%), fish preserves (22.3%), frozen fish fillets (23.3%), products of cold-smoked balyk (27 , 6%), fish (except herring) salted (34.1%), frozen herring (55.7%). At the same time, registered a decline in the production of dried fish (1.3%), semi-preserved cut fish in a variety of fills (by 5.2%), canned fish in oil (7.4%), salmon caviar (9 , 5%), as well as eggs of other fish species (2.2%). 
"In this way, — said the head of the Analytical Center for Information Fisheries Agency Timur Mitupov — in the analyzed period against the background of steady growth yield (as of 16.09.2013, the — an increase of 1.9% to 3 140.2 thousand tons) and the production of fish live, fresh and chilled (in January-July 2013. growth — by 10.6% to 802.1 thousand tons) increased the production of fish products. In the structure of fish products account for the bulk of the frozen fish (74%) and in the dynamics of this share gradually began to decline, primarily due to the release fillet of fish (except herring), salted, frozen herring, canned fish, natural, preserved fish in spicy brine. This is a positive factor in the development of the fish processing sector. The growth in the production of frozen herring due to increased catches of Pacific herring (as of 17.09.2013, the — an increase of 59% or 68.5 thousand tons to 184.8 thousand tons). In general slowing of growth in production was due to the reduction in the output of salted herring and smoked herring, as well as haddock fillets and finished products of salmonid fish species. With one of the main reasons is to reduce the global and domestic catch of herring and haddock, as well as a rise in import prices for Norwegian salmon and trout. At the same time, by a decline in imports of fillets from South-East Asia recorded growth of domestic production fillet of pollock and cod. In the production of salmon caviar and although there is a backlog from the same period last year (January-July this year — by 17.3%), however, the deficit in it at the fish market — will not. In January-August 2013 the production of salmon caviar was 7.1 million tons. Currently salmon fishing season continues, we expect on the basis of 2013 catch of salmon species is 400 thousand tons, so that the domestic market will be about 15 tons of salmon caviar, which corresponds to the needs of the domestic fish market. "

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