During the show represented 3D navigation mapping tablet

What surprised the Moscow Design Bureau "Compass" guests and participants of the MAKS-2013, why western countries are showing great interest in navigation and communication equipment based on GLONASS, and what’s new in the field of robotics IBC "Compass" will win in the coming years, "Voice of Russia" he told the chief designer Gennady Karyukin

  • © Photo: RIA Novosti / mkb-kompas.ru
  • © Photo: RIA Novosti / mkb-kompas.ru


Kudryavtsev IBC "Compass" is one of the prominent members of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS, which is held in Zhukovsky. What are the most interesting, new and promising developments you presented at the show?

Karyukin: Our company mainly specializes in the field of navigation equipment (our story began from that). During the show, we have presented more than a dozen samples of navigation and communication equipment to be installed on the aircraft, on the products of rocket and space technology (carrier rockets, boosters, space vehicles), as well as for the benefit of the civilian user (this is primarily automotive and rail transport, the system controlling the movement of cars, containers with a solution of security problems).

Kudryavtsev Your company is one of the major Russian developer of professional navigation equipment, a feature of which is, in particular, is that it works with the signals of GLONASS and GPS.

Karyukin: Yes, it’s true. We started in 1980 with the development of the navigation equipment operating by signals of GLONASS. Then this system is called "Hurricane." At the same time, of course, we set out to create a universal hardware that could handle not only the signals of Russian GLONASS system, but the American system GPS, or as it is often called, Navstar.

At this MAKS I would pick one of the products that we introduced to the general public — the navigation pad, which applies the mapping of the problem (and not only in the planar mapping, but also in 3D), but also solved a very difficult task navigator to ensure that allow navigators and pilots to properly manage their aircraft.

The second advantage of this device — it does not require significant modifications or intrusion into the design of the aircraft. Can be used as a portable personal vehicle and installed on any aircraft, regardless of the solutions or permission to use it as part of the aircraft.

This device we nominating a new innovative device. To a certain degree of hope that maybe, executive director of the MAKS will notice our work, and somehow we will celebrate.

Kudryavtsev The main consumer of your product — Russian military aircraft?

Karyukin: Yes, the main consumer of our equipment is the military aviation. For her, we have developed all their equipment. But given that any navigation equipment is for equipment of dual-use, it can be used on civil aircraft.

To do this, the individual samples of our equipment we have certified in accordance with the requirements of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), received a certificate and now are addressing the issue on the possible deployment of our equipment on aircraft for civilian use.

I think that first of all it will be helicopters for various applications because of helicopters in the country made a lot. The most likely partner for the use of our equipment, of course, "Helicopters of Russia". Such work with them, we are now conducting.

Kudryavtsev Virtually all models of Russian military aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) is your equipment, your navigation design.

Karyukin: Yes. With some pride, I confirm that. Not always and not all get to create the equipment for aircraft with high performance. Due to the fact that we specialize it for decades in the field of instrumentation for highly dynamic objects, for the day we get it more successfully than other developers navigation equipment.

Kudryavtsev Could you talk a little bit about the history of your company? Officially, its history is calculated from 1947, but its real story began much earlier.

Karyukin: We have two birthdays. First birthday — in 1918, when one of the decrees of the then government decided that the place where we are now, will be built radio factory in the first place to create a very important element (then it telegraphs and wireless off). And we have more independence in 1947.

Kudryavtsev One of the most important samples of your products, what you are most massively developed and supplied in a variety of options — it’s radio compass. Is that right?

Karyukin: Yes. And the name of our company is a question of the compass. Aviation in those years did not have any means of navigation, except finder. Then the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the government we were asked to develop a homing device that could be installed on all aircraft, both civilian and military purposes. And we have not been successfully managed.

Kudryavtsev Feature of your company is that you are developing new models of equipment and produce them.

Karyukin: It really is. In 2000 it was decided to create their own high-tech manufacturing. We create it is almost completely finished. We have our own space in Perov, which uses the best examples of machines, SMT lines, what is being done in our country and abroad. We are proud of this production.

Kudryavtsev Develop and produce under one roof, under one brand — is more appropriate model, from your point of view?

Karyukin: Yes, because the development does not always arrive at the enterprise cycles. In the absence of specific periods of development (still need to build their capacity) production helps support the developers, developers support the production of new models of the product and production development support at times when, for whatever reasons, no specific development projects.

Kudryavtsev The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS in which your business is involved, Foreign partners are showing interest in your development, your products? 

Karyukin: Yes, of course. This is primarily due to the fact that most countries do not want security reasons rely solely on any one system, for example, GPS, and always want to have a spare in case if something happens with the GPS. This is the U.S. government stated that during the war, it may take any decision in this regard. Naturally, these countries want to have a backup, or more likely, an alternative system.

The only alternative for the current day is the GLONASS system. It is fully deployed. It is perfectly functioning. It is under the patronage of the Russian government closely and constantly evolving. Therefore, they are interested in it.

During the show, has already held negotiations with India, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Venezuela and several other countries, including Vietnam, which is now also very actively developed in terms of ensuring their needs of high-precision navigation equipment.

While they are not just interested in buying our specific samples hardware but also in the acquisition of technology, and sometimes joint development in certain areas, the missile, which is necessary to solve the problem of creating a satellite head guidance, and many other destinations.

Kudryavtsev The press had the information that one
of the units of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Group (EADS) is negotiating a contract in which the Moscow Design Bureau "Compass" will also participate. It is about the purchase of target designation systems and sight goals?

Karyukin: Yes, this issue is being discussed very actively. Naturally, we do not conduct these negotiations on their own, and with the participation of "Rosoboronexport", our main exporter. The conversation is about the fact that many foreign countries have an interest in such systems, which can solve the problem of determining the target location, the purpose of identification, information about the purpose for means of destruction, having this information can most effectively destroy the target.

In this system, we have a very big role. Besides the fact that we are creating a navigation software we use our own channel of communication, as well as software to automate the process. We offer automated control system of military operations on the battlefield.

Kudryavtsev In recent years, you are paying great attention to developments in the field of robotics?

Karyukin: Yes, it’s true. For the effective operation of the robot need to know its location, to be able to provide information about the exact position and be able to take the team to make a decision. Given that we have always created a highly intelligent system, we can create not only a radio-controlled robot, but a robot that can operate in standalone mode.

These challenges we now embody in our development. We hope that in the next year or two will have robots that will help to solve specific tasks.

Kudryavtsev What kind of problems? What kind of robots?

Karyukin: In the first place, of course, for special applications: intelligence, breaching the relevant passages in minefields, placing mines — mainly military purposes.

Kudryavtsev Or robots designed for some specific purpose: to special services, to fight terrorists or criminals.

Karyukin: Yes, of course.

Kudryavtsev Or robots that are used in the interests of MOE, in emergencies, disasters.

Karyukin: Yes, of course. As the practice of living in our country, we have all the achievements by industry and science, unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, initially focused on solving defense problems, and then transferred to civilian use.

On the basis of these robots can create robotic agricultural complexes, when a tractor harvesting machines work without people, according to a strictly defined rules, under the program, thereby simplifying and reducing human activity to solving some mechanical problems, translating into an area of human intellectual work.

The second direction. Satellite navigation is not yet able to predict an earthquake, but to a certain extent, can for a long time before the onset of his report that the threat is.

Kudryavtsev Is capable of doing satellite navigation?

Karyukin: Yes. When she is constantly in the same place, even if there are millimeter of surface displacement (and now with the use of satellite navigation systems can achieve such accuracy), these phenomena are determined are transmitted to the respective centers. And there may be a decision on Early Notification of the population that has the prerequisites for such threats. This also applies to debris gatherings, and unpredictable process of avalanche in the mountains.

This can be solved. And we are working in this direction. Another thing is that, most of all, this unit does not appear tomorrow, and maybe even the next day, but after a year and a half, such equipment will be.

Kudryavtsev How much do you think Russian developments, technology in the sphere in which you are engaged, competitive in the global market?

Karyukin: I would start with the fact that the Soviet, and now Russian engineers have always had quirky, because that is not always the technological capabilities of the country were given the opportunity to create high-tech products, solving this problem is just "head-on". In those conditions in which we were, we always had to find original solutions that enable equipment to create, is not inferior to most of the major characteristics of foreign models.

Ability to find a way out of any difficult situation, perhaps, for the day belongs only Russian engineers and in many ways is not inherent to foreign ones. This has to do with education. It’s no secret that the West is more narrowly directed education, and we did most of the universities train position polytechnic education with great outlook. This helps in the development of equipment to find exactly the original solutions that help us look worse than foreign firms engaged in work in the same direction as that of our company.

Kudryavtsev If you look at the medium term (5-10 years), what direction, what developments do you consider yourself to be the most promising?

Karyukin: Improvement of satellite equipment, navigation, maximizing its immunity. It is no secret that in view of the weak signal GLONASS and GPS are pretty easy to choke primitive radio equipment. Therefore, one of our priorities — the creation of instruments with increased noise immunity.

For the day of our samples, which is mounted on the cutting edge of current day aircraft, ordnance, space-rocket technology, already has a level of immunity, is not inferior to its parameters to the best foreign models.

Another thing is that these foreign models have been developed 2-3 years ago, and we are only now begun to do so. But we already reach the levels that exceed even those models that are on the current day are armed with the NATO countries.

Anatoly Kudryavtsev

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