During the show will sell aircraft to $ 3 billion

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It is expected that during the MAKS-2011 in Zhukovsky, opens on August 16, the Russian aircraft industry will sign three major contracts to supply aircraft to the Russian Armed Forces. On the first contract announced yesterday CEO of the RAC "MiG" Sergei Korotkov — in his words, the Defense Ministry transferred the contract documents for the purchase of 24 MiG-29K/KUB ship for the Russian Navy. On the second contract for the supply of 60 Air Force trainer aircraft Yak-130 had previously stated Alexey Fedorov, President of the Corporation "Irkut" (where deployed their production). According to a source in the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), is preparing a third contract for a deep modernization of the Air Force for more than 30 MiG-31 version of the MiG-31BM. The total cost of these three projects — about $ 3 billion, says the manager of a company that KLA and confirmed by a source in the Defense Ministry. According to the military, the contract for the modernization of the MiG-31 is endorsed by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

Russian Air Force did not buy new combat aircraft since 1993 Large purchases of military vehicles were resumed in 2008, when it was decided to buy for 25 billion rubles. 34 fighter MiG-29SMT/UB abandoned by Algeria (in 2006, was awarded a contract for the supply of small five Su-34 bombers, and in 2007 — 12 trainer aircraft Yak-130). In 2008, he was awarded the contract to supply the Air Force 32 Su-34 bombers in the amount of 33.6 billion rubles., And in 2009 at the MAKS-2009 signed a contract to supply 48 Su-35, Su-12 fighters 27SM3 and four Su-30M2 in the amount of 80 billion rubles. All in view of the expected new contracts in 2007, the Armed Forces ordered and will order 159 combat and 72 combat-capable trainer aircraft, of which delivered 57 combat and 12 combat-capable.

Execution of the largest contract — to supply 64 fighter "Su" — passes with delays: Development of the newest tightened the Su-35. The first car launched state tests in the Air Force in May (planned — at the end of 2010) and the delivery of other cars will move even further, predicts the manager of one of the companies KLA. This is due to the fact that the aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAAPO) can provide only one place in the final assembly of the Su-35 because of congestion on the program of civil aircraft Superjet and other orders, says a source in the KLA. Multi-year delay in the development of new fighters have been in recent years both in the U.S. and in France, and in China, says expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko, and it is a working situation.

This publication is based on the article "Planes for $ 3 billion," the newspaper "Vedomosti" from 04.08.2011, № 143 (2909)

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