During week 20, and for 2011 49 pedestrian crossings built in Moscow

Photo source:mail.ru

During the last week in Moscow have commissioned 20 off-street pedestrian crossing, according to Department of capital construction. In 2011, it was built and put into operation 49 off-street pedestrian crossings.

Most of the designs have a lift for the convenience of citizens with disabilities.

Work on the construction of pedestrian crossings are conducted within the framework of the plan for the arrangement bessvetofornogo traffic on the main roads of the city.

Most of them — 11 hits — was built during the reconstruction of Zvenigorod highway at the site of the third Silikatny travel to picturesque streets.

Two more are located on the highway between Warsaw and Moscow Ring Road area Scherbinka. At the intersection of the highway with Pyatnitskiy Mitinsky street and the Leningrad highway Golovinsky also appeared transitions. Four more were created at the construction site of the fourth ring road between the highway and the Izmailovo Enthusiasts highway, and the last one was built during the reconstruction of the bridge on the Leningrad highway through the Moscow Canal.

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