Dutch officials have offered asylum to Iraqis if they are convincing homosexuals.

Netherlands authorities are willing to provide political asylum to any member of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) in Iraq who could prove their sexual orientation. This became possible after the Minister of Immigration has called the country unsafe for homosexuals.

In June, the Minister Gerd Leers has announced the temporary suspension of all deportations of gay asylum seekers from Iraq, but has now gone further, saying that living an open gay life in any region of Iraq can not be without danger to life.

However, the refugees will still need to prove their homosexuality in order to take advantage of the opportunity to stay in the Netherlands.

Back in March, the Netherlands parliament Leers asked to investigate the situation of LGBT people in Iraq. This came after a wave of murders of gays in this country.

Leading Dutch LGBT human rights organization «COC» welcomed the decision of the authorities. Group CEO Koen Van Dyck said, however, that the Iraqis would be difficult to prove their sexual orientation.

According to gay activist, immigration officers will need to undergo special training to be ready to deal with such an asylum application.

The human rights activist added that Iraq is now the most dangerous place in the world to stay LGBT people. Since 2003, on the basis of homosexuality in the country killed 750 people.

In various parts of the country a special police conduct raids aimed at identifying gay, which in many cases are extra-judicial executions on the basis of Islamic law.

Often the bodies of LGBT exposed on public display as a warning to others.


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