DVUEK implements projects for the construction of hybrid generating plants in Yakutia

Of DVEUK together with JSC "RUSNANO" embarked on two projects for the construction of hybrid generating plants in Yakutia, said Deputy DVEUK Dmitry Seljutin. "At their own expense, we have started two projects in Yakutia for the construction of two hybrid generating plants with "RUSNANO". One of them will be built within two kilometers of Batam. "

Plants are a combination of wind turbines, solar panels and diesel. The station can operate in cogeneration mode, producing both electricity and heat. In the case of the successful implementation of the project, it will be replicated to other regions of the Russian Federation.

Seljutin also reported that in November this year, the company will commission a mini-CHP "North" on the Russian island, and by October will finish on the island of the cable line 35 kV.

The investment package DVEUK, according Selyutina, there are about 40 projects — the construction of power transmission line in Yakutia, the reconstruction of power lines in the Amur region, the construction of power lines on the Kamchatka Peninsula, the optimization of local power in Yakutia, the construction of power transmission lines and substations in Magadan. There is also the opportunity to participate in the construction of the Ussuri CHP.

Of DVEUK created in 2001. During the reform of the Russian power company has been running a number of utilities in the Far East.

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