DVVKU prepared for troop commanders mountain divisions

Far Higher Military Command School (Military Institute), the Marshal KK Rokossovskogo, formed in 1940, as part of its anniversary, one hundredth of the account, issuing officers sent to the troops in "Use of motorized rifle divisions (mountain)."

 During the training, cadets ‘mountaineers’ to climb Mount Elbrus, were climbing training camps "Bezengi", "Dzhantugan", "Ulla-Tau", in the Eastern Sayan Mountains, on the military range DTV, visited the mountain of the armed forces of India, have been trained in mountain brigades of the Southern Military District. As a result of training prepared dozens of instructors and mountain training athletes gaps in mountain climbing.

Also released this year’s Marine Corps officers in training at the school during the passage of seamanship made a long sea trips — in South Korea, around Europe.
The first issue of the platoon commanders for the Red Army in the school took place in June 1941. Hero of the Soviet Union were subsequently 27 of its graduates. Among the students of the school and 8 Heroes of the Russian Federation.

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