DVZhD for 5 months increased the shipment of container trains by 44%


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From the Far East Railway Station (Far Eastern Railway, a subsidiary of JSC "Russian Railways") in January-May 2013 sent 776 container trains that 44% more than in 2012, reported the Far Eastern service corporate communications.

Last year, container trains went from Nakhodka East Martsevo at the station, near Moscow, Obninsk, Cherkessk, Kemerovo and screening. In 2013, new routes: from Nakhodka East in the direction of the stations Kozhukhovo Kupavna Suzemka, Chop (in Slovakia). Also in January 2013th produced departure container trains from stations Cape Churkin, Rybnik and Ussuri. The contract for the administration of container trains from the station coal.

From Nakhodka East for 5 months was sent to 523 container trains (+36% in 2012).

At the Far Eastern continues to evolve the service of sending accelerated container trains. Recall, a joint project of JSC "Russian Railways" JSC "TransContainer» and «Eastern Stevedoring Company" was launched at the beginning of May 2013. This project was implemented on the route from Nakhodka East Station Moscow Trading-Paveletskaya Moscow railway.

Rapid trains leave every week on Wednesdays and Fridays, and is in the path of 7 days, with minimal stops moving at a speed of passenger trains. For the first month has been sent 9 such trains. The project was continued at the container terminal of JSC "TransContainer" The first station on the river. June 1, 2013 was sent here first speed container route to the station of the Moscow-Trading-Paveletskaya Moscow railway. In the future we plan to send to the station express container trains regularly, every week, on Saturdays.

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