E-Goebbels scares Russia cessation advocacy on its territory

Russian Wikipedia went on strike against a bill to censor the internet. And that means that we are going the right way.


Because in RuNet now there is a war between two ideologies: Soviet and American. The essence of our — let's be patriotic, to love Russia and enjoy life. The essence of the U.S.: fucking Raska must be destroyed to its wreckage civilized western superintendents could build a new cultural state.

I have to admit that so far in this war our enemies win. We are forced to defend themselves, and it turns out it's not always good. Of course, we are not the same whipping boys, we were at the infamous nineties, when the "friend Bill" openly spit in our faces, and we gratefully kissed his ass for science.

Nice to see, for example, that the leaders of the fifth column regularly laid out so convincing incriminating evidence that most of the belolentochnikov prefer to pretend that it does not have leaders. However, once again, the ideological pressure on Russia is still very high.

So I'm very pleased with the fact that we took on the ideological work seriously, began to explore and learn from the master of the ideological power of the planet — the United States.

Censorship in the United States for a long time already up and running. YouTube actively washes, for example, rollers about Magnitsky and Browder. Facebook has blocked my account because I allowed myself to not always complimentary about our opposition. Twitter recently released statistics according to which the U.S. accounts for almost 80% of global queries to users' personal data:


We — trying to make a legislative mechanism closing sites extremists — simply repeat the experience of a world leader. I note, incidentally, that the various attempts to use censorship is not for ideological purposes, as well as bureaucratic trough Putin nipped in the bud. Recently, Putin deliberately reined in "detozaschitnikov" trying to knock myself on the pretext of corruption polmochiya control children on the Internet.

Of course, one would think, if the attempt to introduce political censorship in RuNet in the manner of the U.S. — it's just a coincidence. Like, you never know which countries censor their network … However, there is another important intersection with U.S. laws.

We're going to pass a bill on foreign agents "non-profit" organizations, whose business is to run Russophobian propaganda in U.S. funds. Now foreign agents — receiving foreign funding of NGOs — will be required to precisely and called — foreign agents.

Of course, the fifth column immediately raised a howl, began to remember in 1937 … But here we are only assimilating the experience of the most democratic country in the world — the United States of America. Law FARA, according to which all political institutions are required to report on relations with foreigners was adopted in 1938:

http://lenta.ru/news/2012/07/05/nkofromus /

So taken Kremlin rate seen quite clearly. We will try to learn from States, and who knows — maybe in ten years, Russian will also start to paint horses in the colors of its flag, and for the word "Raska", the company said in normal people russophobes will immediately pay a broken snout.

By the way, I want to say a special thank you to call a strike bishops Russian Wikipedia. They made my morning. As you know, I kept trying to edit or post articles in the wiki, and most of my edits rubilas local censors on the vine. No objectivity, no doublethink vikitsenzory not suffer: in contrast to the same angloviki, opinion on the hot issues in the Russian Wikipedia is permitted exactly one.

Therefore, when the symbol of censorship Runeta on strike against the introduction of censorship in RuNet — it looks, at least, it's funny.


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