E-mail to her husband

E-mail to her husband — Original Message -. From: Maria Petrova … To: @ alehander.petrov hotmail.som, Date: 4:44:12 January 4, 2009 Subject: I miss you so much! DEAR MY HUSBAND! I send you this letter by e-mail, to be sure, that you will read it. I think you’ll forgive me this little trick, but I just wanted to keep you informed of developments in the two years that have passed since the computer came into our house. [Cut] The children are doing well. Pete last month was 8 years old. He learns well, everyone thinks it nice and sociable boy. He is sure to have artistic ability. Last week, he was at school in art class painted the whole family. He has a very well turned out, all persons, and especially realistic — your head. You should be proud of his son. Lena in September was three years old. It is very similar to you, as you were at her age. Helen — a very smart girl. She even remembers that you spent with us all night of her birthday. She remembers him with joy, even though the day was rain, and in the late afternoon turned off the light. Me too, all right. In the past year, I dyed the blonde and now I think this hair color I’d even go. Kohl’s (I mean Nikolai Ivanovich — the HR manager) was very interested in my career. And then he became my very close friend. I realized that doing household chores is not so difficult. At first, when I was sweeping the floor with a broom, you’re sneezing from dust, but now I’m doing this vacuum cleaner that does not prevent you. The house is now the cleanliness and comfort. Last spring, we re-stick wallpaper, except for that part of the room where you put your computer, where we do not have wallpaper glue (did not want to disturb you). This concludes the letter, because I have to go: Nick, that is, Nikolai Ivanovich, invited us all to a ski resort, and I need to pack their bags. At the time of our departure, I hired a housekeeper. It will prepare you a coffee and bring your food directly over the computer. I think that you have a good time with your computer, as long as we would be out. Petya, Helen and I will be thinking of you. Try and you will think of us, even when the computer restarts. I embrace. Your Masha.

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