E4 Group has received a positive opinion GlavGosExpertisa construction Cherepovets GRES

Engineering company E4 Group has received the endorsement of the FAA Glavgosexpertiza RF Design Documentation "Construction of power number 4 Cherepovets GRES-based combined-cycle technology, the block number 4 (CCP-420)." As a result, the project, the general contractor for the implementation of which is OJSC "E4 Group", and the customer — LLC "Gazprom energy", entered the active phase.

 Photo source:ogk6.ru

The developer of the project documentation for the Cherepovets GRES was JSC "Kiev Scientific-Research and Design Institute" ENERGOPROJECT "(KIEP), part of the OJSC" E4 Group ". Obtaining the FAA Glavgosexpertiza KIEP confirmed the status as one of the leading design companies with years of experience in the successful design objects Electricity Sector.

"Today, the Cherepovets plant — one of the major stations of the North-West Russia, its installed capacity is 630 MW. After the Group E4 Glavgosekspertizy conclusion, we are entering an active phase of construction. As a consequence, the capacity of the plant will grow by another 420 MW. This will significantly enhance the energy security of the region, as well as the supply of the Vologda region of electric energy, "- says CEO of E4 Vladimir Kalinin.

Power unit to be built as part of the current Cherepovets GRES will be 420 MW. The scope of work includes the implementation of the project, training, construction, installation and special construction works, purchase, delivery, installation, commissioning, testing equipment necessary for the construction of the facility and its commissioning. All construction should be completed in 2014.

The main supplier of equipment for the new unit will be one of the leading manufacturers in the world — the company Siemens. In addition, the planned use of auxiliary equipment a number of domestic producers.

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