Early winter came to Eastern Europe

Early winter came to Eastern Europe Weather and Climate

This season, winter decided to "please" Eastern Europe with their early arrival. Throughout the territory of Poland, in the European part of Russia and neighboring countries celebrated their first year of heavy snow, the temperature during the day and night is held at the level of a few degrees below zero.

Meteorologists are very surprised by the abundance of snow, as this early winter in the region did not begin for several decades in a row. The sudden arrival of the cold season was the cause of death from hypothermia three people, the citizens of Poland. All of them were persons of no fixed abode.

In Poland, the snow fell so much that in some places the wire power lines broke and were broken or badly iced over, leaving without electricity for about 70 thousand inhabitants of Warsaw. Worse weather conditions have caused disruptions and delays in public transport across the country. To restore proezzhabelnost roads, the traffic services had to work all night.

In Moscow, a little fresh snow had melted, causing a slight flooding in low-lying areas of the city, as well as in parks and central squares.

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