Earthquake in Costa Rica

Earthquake in Costa Rica, Natural disasters

What has happened to. Costa Rica earthquake of 7.6 magnitude has caused several landslides, destroyed many buildings and caused seismic services announced the possibility of a tsunami. In a push two people were killed in the province of Guanacaste, situated right next to the epicenter. Evacuations were 218 patients and all employees of Medical Center Monsignor Sanabria as soon as nine-storey building began to tremble from ground vibrations.

For miles around the destroyed power lines and urban communications, more old buildings leveled. Damage in the form of broken glass, and the interior was a spoiled 21 hotels in the north of the province. In many localities panic reigned. Despite its depth of 40.8 km, the push was so strong that it felt even in neighboring Nicaragua and Panama.

In recent decades, this popular resort among the inhabitants of Hollywood was not recorded earthquake of this magnitude. In 1991, a similar earthquake took the lives of 47 people. It is reported that at this time there were no major casualties, injuries, and injuries to 22 others. The epicenter was removed from the city of San Jose on 140 km.

The earthquake hit as schools and private homes, after the tsunami warning, many residents have resorted to self-rescue. But when the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has assured that the waves will not be all returned. So far, some of the roads in the country remain closed because of damage to leaf and debris.

The last time more or less serious earthquake was recorded in Costa Rica in January 2009 and had the power of 6.1 points. Shock victims were 40.

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