Earthquake in Guatemala

Earthquake in Guatemala Natural Disasters

The Pacific coast of Guatemala, an earthquake of 7.4 points. In the list of the dead at the moment is listed 39 people who lived in the small north-western state of border with Mexico. Most suffered a small mountain village of San Marcos, located 128 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake. It destroyed about 30 houses.

On saving lives of six people buried alive under the sand collapse, more than 300 firefighters, policemen and villagers. The depth of the epicenter was about 32 km, its distance from the coast and the nearest town Champeriko — 24 km from the capital of the country — about 160 km. It is reported that the shaking from aftershocks felt even the inhabitants of Mexico City and the city of El Salvador. This earthquake is considered the strongest in the modern history of Guatemala since 1976.

On local radio constantly and reported landslides and affected people in them. Just to clear the rubble attracted more than two thousand soldiers from a military base in San Marcos. Leadership unveiled recommendation temporarily use the roads, as there is a high probability of collapse or landslide near them after an earthquake. Perhaps because of the affected staff will be evacuated, as the code of danger in Guatemala remains high and there is a risk of aftershocks.

In neighboring Nicaragua announced the possibility of a local tsunami warning, but the presence of tsunami observation services is not confirmed.

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