Earthquake in the UK

September 4, 2013. Indeed, there is a place on earth where rocks constantly. They are called — earthquake zones. In turn, there are places where the earthquake is a rarity. One of these areas can be called the British Isles. They are removed from the plate boundaries. However, here the bowels of the earth shake people sometimes.

It happened on August 30 in the seaside town of Blackpool, located in the western part of the country. At 10:58 local time, an earthquake of magnitude 3.3. The tremors were felt even in the most remote Dublin. Physics of shocks in a non-traditional location of earthquakes explained Tom Blake of the Irish National Seismic Network: "Despite the fact that the UK and Ireland are away from plate boundaries, most of the region is still experiencing stress due to the weight of the glaciers on her davivshey During the last ice age. "

Source: Meteovesti

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